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"Zirconia" Cabrera is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary, introduced in Season Four. She is portrayed by Daniella De Jesús.

Physical Appearance Edit

Zirconia has a short curly hair style and brown eyes. She wears golden grills that previously had zirconia crystals in them.

Biography Edit

Before Litchfield Edit

It is known Zirconia took out all of her "rocks" before she entered the prison in case people assumed they were diamonds and pulled them out. Zirconia mentions that she has a baby sister who she babysat and forced her to eat dog food.

Season Four Edit

In "(Don't) Say Anything", Maria introduces Zirconia, Ouija, and Pidge to Piper. Zirconia explains that she took out her rocks before she came to Litchfield so nobody would think they're diamonds and try to take them out, and because she doesn't think it's allowed. Maria says that they're all willing to join Piper's panty selling business, but their offer is declined when Piper says she doesn't want them because they're thugs.

In "Doctor Psycho", Zirconia, Ouija, and Pidge approach Healy. She asks him for roll-on deodorant, and not the spray type because it harms the environment. Mr. Healy responds by telling them they can buy things at commissary. Pidge says they don't have money because they weren't assigned jobs yet, to which Healy replies they can't blame him due to the fact that there are no more work assignments, but Zirconia says there are jobs, but they're only being given away to the OG inmates. When asked if she'd rather be scrubbing toilets, she says it's better than sitting with their thumbs up their butts.

Season Five Edit

As the riot began with all the women running about to different parts of the prison, Zirconia and Pidge carry Luschek to the chapel after Blanca tips them off that he is hiding in a closet. They run across Piper, Alex, and Linda, stopping to claim Linda's heels (to convert into wearable shives) and jacket.

Later, throughout the series, she constantly questions the new inmate's appearance, saying that she knows her from somewhere. She eventually remembers who Linda is and chases after her with the sharpened heels.

Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit

  • Joel Luschek (flirtation) - After Luschek is captured during the Litchfield riot, Zirconia is frequently seen suggesting she is interested in him. After she damages her ankle trying to escape the prison, it is Luschek who gets her out safely.

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Cabrera's prison ID badge

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