Erica "Yoga" Jones is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary who works as the prison's yoga instructor. She is portrayed by Constance Shulman. Yoga's character is based on Yoga Jane in the memoir Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison on which the series is based.

Personality Edit

A recovering alcoholic, Jones is now a peaceful "hippie" who does yoga. As a Buddhist, she is very down to earth and spiritual. She leads a yoga class at Litchfield and always tries to break the conflicts of people with another or themselves, cheering them up with Buddhist wisdom.

Still having to fight with her feelings of guilt, which she tries to compensate with her Buddhist lifestyle, she seems to be reassured by her time in prison, as she got to know "girls that remind [her] every day that self-forgiveness is possible".

Physical Appearance Edit

Jones is a petite older white woman with short choppy blonde hair. She is presumably very flexible from doing yoga, but this may not be the case as fellow inmate Judy King stated she wasn't.


Before Litchfield Edit

Jones and her family were alcoholics. At one point, she had an acre of land in California that she used to grow marijuana. Jones often had to ward off deer that loved to eat the marijuana. One night, she shot and killed an 8-year-old boy whom she had drunkenly mistaken for a deer, although he was just running away from home because his parents took away his Nintendo. After that, she likely became a Buddhist to overcome her painful feeling of guilt.

Season One Edit

Jones is now the mild-mannered yoga instructor at Litchfield. She is typically seen hanging out with Red's crew.

On Piper's first day at Litchfield, Jones is one of the first inmates she gets to know and befriends, as she sits down at the same table as her during dinner.

Jones attempts to be a peacemaker when Watson angers the inmates by exercising at night. Unfortunately, Watson mocks and goads Jones and suggests she molested or killed a child, causing Jones to lash out and slap Watson. Later, Watson, who is remorseful after noticing Jones not teaching yoga, encourages Jones to reveal the truth. After Jones tells Watson about her tragic past, the two begin a friendship. On one occasion, they use a nail to shock themselves by a chapel outlet, which Jones finds cathartic.

Jones also has a small quarrel with the Litchfield Alcoholics Anonymous group for holding sessions in the same room at the same time as her yoga classes when the chapel stage is destroyed.

Season Two Edit


Season Three Edit

Jones starts to work for Piper's garments business. (...)

Season Four Edit

Jones is assigned to bunk with Judy King in a private cell, she isn't impressed at how Judy gets 'special treatment' over the other inmates, but uses this to her advantage. Late in the season, Jones takes ecstasy with Judy King and Luschek. The three then have a threesome, the morning after which Jones appears upset due to "sleeping with the enemy".

Season Five Edit



Friends Edit

Romantic Edit

  • Joel Luschek - a guard she did drugs with along with her roommate, Judy during the prison lock down and had a threesome with.
  • Judy King - her new assigned roommate after MCC took over, a former popular TV Chef Personality, frenemy, and had sex with and a threesome with while on Molly with CO Luscheck.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Work hard to make something as beautiful and meaningful as you can, and when you're done, pack it in and know it was all temporary."
— Yoga Jones ("I Wasn't Ready")
"You have to remember that. It’s all temporary."
— Yoga Jones ("I Wasn't Ready")
"Sometimes you just wanna feel something."
— Yoga Jones
"Surviving here is all about perspective."
— Yoga Jones
"I'm thankful for you girls, who remind me every day that self-forgiveness is possible."
— Yoga Jones
"Okay, you want to project your issues onto me... That's cool."
— Yoga Jones
"One of the highest. People in power are always saying so."
— Yoga Jones



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