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Voth is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary. She is portrayed by Beth Katehis.

 Physical Appearence Edit

In Season One she had blonde hair. In Season Four she has long red hair.

Biography Edit

Before Litchfield Edit

Season One Edit

She does not play a role this season and is only seen as a background character.

Season Four Edit

She reappears this season with a different look and remains as a background character. She is seen in the riot holding a sledgehammer.

Season Five Edit

She is seen during the beginning of the riot pleading for Humphreys death. Later, she is seen in the food fight.

Trivia Edit

  • Voth appears in 22 episodes throughout the whole series but does not play an important role. The character's name is not credited in the series or on IMDb[1], but you can see it on actress Beth Katehis' name plate which is visible in a video she uploaded on her Youtube channel.[2]

Gallery Edit

References Edit


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