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  • Lovely bonesxo

    In case I'm not around, these are things that need to be done for Season 5, or any season in general.

    • Update homepage
    1. add/update countdown clock template, see here
    1. add new pictures in the slider template, see here
    2. link season five in a picture within the slider template, see previous ^
    1. add new poll with the results on the bottom from the last poll, see here
    1. update the All Content template with new characters, episodes, and relationships, see here
    2. update featured media template, see here
    • Add episode pages
    1. make sure the proper layout is used, see here.
    2. add synopsis from netflix
    3. add pictures to both galleries, present and flashback, see here
    4. add cast information if you can find it (sometimes tricky)
    5. add plots for present and flashbacks
    6. categorize the episo…
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  • Lovely bonesxo

    Season Three has been out for almost a month and there is a lot of traffic on the wiki. Please let me know if you are interested in becoming an admin! Thanks, - Leah

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  • Lovely bonesxo

    Hey everyone! Currently, this wiki needs a lot of help and I added a list below of certain pages, or things needing to be done. So if you are new to this wikia, and/or would just like to help, please look at the pages below. Any edits that are unproductive, or inappropriate will be reversed and may result in a ban. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me,QueenBuffy, or Webly.Thanks :)

    1. Tit Punch
    2. Lesbian Request Denied
    3. The Chickening
    4. Blood Donut
    5. Bora Bora Bora
    6. Comic Sans
    7. Appropriately Sized Pots
    8. 40 Oz. of Furlough
    9. Take a Break From Your Values
    10. It Was The Change

    1. Leanne Taylor
    2. Susan Fischer
    3. Joe Caputo
    4. Anita DeMarco
    5. Norma Romano
    6. Natalie Figueroa
    7. Jane Ingalls
    8. Marisol Gonzales
    9. Blanca Flores
    10. Maria Ruiz
    11. Joel Luschek
    12. Wanda Bell
    13. Scott O'Neill
    14. Christopher
    15. Big Boo
    16. Kubra …

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