00:00-00:02: overcrowded areas in Winter. Possibly Yoga Jones near the bottom.

00:02-00:11: Black Cindy giving Poussey advice on her hair.

00:13-00:14: Taystee has joined Crazy Eyes and Morello in the cleaning job.

00:15-00:16: Piper has been threatened and saying she doesn't feel safe OR she's manipulating even more.

00:16-00:18: Sister Ingalls having a cigarette, has Red started the black market deal up again?

00:18: Daya's not impressed.

00:20-00:21: Friction between Spanish Harlem and Piper.

00:22: That's Morello looking up to Sophia!

00:22: Taystee being given a new job.

0:35: Bunch of new inmates.

0:36: Aleida cracking down on work.

0:37: Immense line for bathroom.

0:38: Caputo mentioning how many inamtes there are with Judy.

0:42: Judy and Poussey's friendship beginning.

0:48: Caputo orders new CO's, but they will just make the situation worse.

0:48: Piscatella yelling and Yoga Jones in full on armour with a gun.

0:49: Defesne strategies. Bayley and Coates are back!


056: I bet Lolly was running away from hitting Ayden over the head with that shovel or going back to speak to Alex. The secret is probably that they killed Ayden.

1:00: Sophia's not alright.

1:01: Big Boo trying to warn someone.

1:03: Crazy Eyes falling for Morello?

1:05: Maria has a personal vendetta against Piper.

1:13: Crazy Eyes and Morello on a mission.

1:17: Piscatella and Red have a past?

1:19: Lolly's still mad

1:20: Casual flriting with Crazy Eyes from Janae.

1:21: The unnamed Islamic inamte is having friction with Cindy.

1:29: Something's gone down.

1:32: Piper realising her mistake

1:34: Red's upset about the chicken.

1:34: Looking for Ayden?

1:35: Night watch

1:36: Healy's quite badly distressed.

1:37: Lolly's under pressure.

1:39: Morello has an unwanted visitor.

1:42: Flaca is forming alliances?

1:43: Piscatella doesn't look nice.

1:45: Maritza being flirted with

Also: Lolly being dragged away, riot with Taystee, Red crying, Flaritza, Piper, Angie, Leanne and new inmates seem happy. Daya looks around? Pousoso, Angie ripping some tape off a box, Morello smashing the phone next to Leanne and Maria, that thing where Piper's hand is under attack is being consoled by Norma. Crazy Eyes in Psych? Everything becomes darker.

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