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  • Kit0804

    Protagonists Per Season

    June 27, 2016 by Kit0804

    So something I've noticed every season is that a supporting cast character suddenly becomes a protagonist. Here's what I've noticed.

    Obviously Piper and Alex will be the main characters to appear in the first season. They introduce the storyline and Piper's backstory.

    Taystee and Vee had most of the scenes in season 2. I think their storyline was well thought out and very clever and emotional.

    Norma had a good role/spotlight in season 3, considering the base of the season to be on faith, it was a good idea to show this and that anything is possible in prison.

    This time the two main protagonists didn't have their storyline's linked. Maria had her business deal which stretched across the season, and brought Spanish Harlem into the spotlight. And…

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  • Kit0804

    As most of us might know, we lost Poussey in Season Four. And we're unsure who's faut it is. So cast your votes down below!

    Who's repsponsible for Poussey's death? Taystee, she should have done something rather than shout 'P!'! Bayley, he was on top of her and should have moved! Suzanne, she was the reason Poussey got on the floor! Blanca, she started the riot! Piper, she joined the riot! Big Boo, she made everyone else do it! Brook, she distracted Poussey! Poussey, she shouldn't have got involved! Piscatella, he ordered the CO's to start and ordered Bayley to stop Suzanne! Red, she's the reason the riot started! Humphrey, he made Suzanne go mad and forced her to fight someone! Maureen, she shouldn't have fought Suzanne causing the outburs…

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  • Kit0804

    00:00-00:02: overcrowded areas in Winter. Possibly Yoga Jones near the bottom.

    00:02-00:11: Black Cindy giving Poussey advice on her hair.

    00:13-00:14: Taystee has joined Crazy Eyes and Morello in the cleaning job.

    00:15-00:16: Piper has been threatened and saying she doesn't feel safe OR she's manipulating even more.

    00:16-00:18: Sister Ingalls having a cigarette, has Red started the black market deal up again?

    00:18: Daya's not impressed.

    00:20-00:21: Friction between Spanish Harlem and Piper.

    00:22: That's Morello looking up to Sophia!

    00:22: Taystee being given a new job.

    0:35: Bunch of new inmates.

    0:36: Aleida cracking down on work.

    0:37: Immense line for bathroom.

    0:38: Caputo mentioning how many inamtes there are with Judy.

    0:42: Judy and Pouss…

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  • Kit0804

    *heavy breathing*

    May 9, 2016 by Kit0804

    Been gone for quite a while! I just want to leave this here. I'm so excited. 30 odd days left!

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