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    Season 6 Predictions

    June 12, 2017 by HallOfFame

    Hey! I just wanted to make a post about my predictions for season 6 and how I think it might play out. Disclaimer: this is entirely based on speculations, I'm not claiming anything as fact.

    So after rewatching the s5 finale multiple times, I came to the following conclusion: season 6 will be a split narrative between 3 or 4 prisons, told through bottle episodes (each prison is featured through a rotation, so very few episodes will have all 3 or 4 prisons shown at once). That's just my guess story-telling wise (kinda of like The Walking Dead's s7 format with all of the separate community-based episodes). I'm not entirely a fan of bottle episodes, but given how large this cast is (I counted 44 named inmates during the finale, plus Sophia and …

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  • HallOfFame

    Hey! I don't know how active this wiki is, but hopefully enough people comment. I finished the season the other night, and I personally loved it. I will write out more in-depth thoughts and opinions later. But I just wanna know if everyone's expectations were met. :)

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