Reverend Tom Lawlor is a Christian priest who appeared in "Finger in the Dyke". He is portrayed by Curtis Shumaker.

Personality Edit

Tom Lawlor is shown to be religiously homophobic towards the gay community, and is even described by Big Boo as "hateful".

Physical Appearance Edit

Tom Lawlor is a heavyset man with thinning blonde hair.

Biography Edit

Season Three Edit

Tom Lawlor was spoken to by Tiffany Doggett about her abortions. Big Boo found a card from Lawlor to Doggett, and asked if she could speak to him about her lesbianism and how she'd "seen the light" for commissary money. She decides to look more heterosexual by changing her hair style in Sophia Burset's salon and undergoing a makeover with the help of Sophia and Lorna Morello.

Reverend Lawlor is seen in the visitation room. Big Boo sits and tells him about how she has had the ability to reflect on her "sins". Carrying on her act, Big Boo pretends to cry and says it gets emotional. She then quotes the bible verse she had been practicing with Sister Ingalls. Tom then insults the gay community and he asks Big Boo what turned her. She said she prayed, and Jesus came to her, and Big Boo then asks for the commissary money. Reverend Lawlor says that he has heard many stories like it, but not with so many sins, Reverend Lawlor asks Big Boo to cover up her "BUTCH" tattoo on her arm for the photo. This angers Big Boo, and she says "Suck my big fat dyke dick! You fucking hateful piece of shit!", much the same way she reacted to a teenager that hated on her and her date, Tracy, in flashbacks. She realises she has spent so much time fighting those who have marginalized her that she cannot pretend to be who she is not. ("Finger in the Dyke")

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