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Tiffany Doggett
[[Image:{{{Image}}}|Tiffany Doggett|250px]]
Portrayed by
Taryn Manning
First seen
"The Chickening"
Last seen
"Can't Fix Crazy"
Episode count
Tiffany Doggett
Being "God's Agent"
Also known as
Cause of death

Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett, portrayed by Taryn Manning, is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary and the series' primary antagonist.

Doggett, who exhibits psychopathic tendencies, became a devout Christian following her arrest and believes Jesus Christ is speaking through her - giving her the ability to perform miracles.

She is a guest star for Season One and a series regular in Season Two[1].


Doggett is depicted as a sexually irresponsible drug addict. She claims her reasoning for her fifth abortion was due to her cousin being arrested for having a baby while continuing drug use. Before she went to the abortion clinic during her flashback in "Fool Me Once", she was together with a man who had, apparently, gotten her pregnant. He is not the same companion seen at the abortion clinic when Doggett goes to get her fifth abortion. When a nurse makes a snide comment, Doggett gets a gun from her car and shoots the nurse in the middle of the day with many witnesses. A coalition of pro-life supporters hail Doggett as a hero, and fund a high-profile Christian lawyer to defend her in court.

In prison, she has devoted herself to God, spending most of her time trying to preach His word and convert others to His ways. Her homophobia earns her a kiss from Alex.

Her lawyer reaffirms her faith after Doggett's experience in Psych.

In the middle of a Christmas performance, Piper Chapman left the show. Tiffany walked out and met her outside and after threatening Piper numerous times with weapons, Piper finally snapped and beat Tiffany.


She seems to have a close friendship with fellow inmate, Leanne Taylor, who has been entranced by Doggett's stories of Christianity.

For a brief period, she also had a friendship with Piper before she allegedly "disrespected" her, forcing Doggett to set out to kill her.

Memorable quotesEdit

"We should have a 'Whites Only' bathroom!"
— Tiffany Doggett
"The lord has blinded me!"
— Tiffany Doggett
"I'm not crazy,  I'm chosen."
— Tiffany Doggett
"I'm just a simple woman, doing the work of the lord."
— Tiffany Doggett
"Its beautiful. All right? It's our right as Americans to religious freedom. Ain't you heard of the Third Amendment?"
— Tiffany Doggett 
"No, i-i-i-it comes in two stages -- if you study your shit! The first one was a spiritual rapture, and the second one comin' is a physical one, okay? And you're not invited, because they don't allow gay people on the rapture bus!"
— Tiffany Doggett
"She a lesbian. They lesbianing together."
— Tiffany Doggett
"I'm an angel of God. I mean, look at my dress."
— Tiffany Doggett
"I don't know about ya'll, but I'm really starting to feel like you're trying to assassinate my character."
— Tiffany Doggett
"Cause you so much as even squawk about God in here, and you get thrown in with the Looney Toons."
— Tiffany Doggett
"Man, do you know what it means, when there ain't nobody up there punishing the evildoers? It means there ain't nobody giving out prizes for the good ones neither ‘Cause there ain’t no judge, there ain’t no justice,  we just crawl around this Earth like ants.. and then we die."
— Tiffany Doggett
"You know what I gotta do. She disrespected me. Now, I'm gonna have to kill her."
— Tiffany Doggett

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