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Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett
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Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett, portrayed by Taryn Manning, is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary and the first season's primary antagonist.

Doggett, who exhibits strong violent tendencies, became a devout Christian following her arrest. Since the beginning of the show, her character has changed due to time in Psych and Solitary Confinement, and exploration of new friendships within the prison environment.

She is a guest star for Season One and a series regular in Season Two and Season Three.


Life Before PrisonEdit

As a child, Tiffany's mother used her daughter to get more money from the government by forcing her to drink a huge bottle of Mountain Dew before entering the welfare office. The resulting sugar high made her bounce off the walls and appear as though she had ADHD.

When she had her first period at ten years old, she was told by her mother that sex just felt like a bee sting and that men would expect it of her. Tiffany never understood that sex could be pleasurable for both men and women; she had such low self esteem that she would have sex with anyone for a six-pack of Mountain Dew. This changed when she met Nathan, her first real boyfriend.

Doggett is depicted as a sexually irresponsible drug addict. She claims her reasoning for her fifth abortion was due to her cousin being arrested for having a baby while continuing drug use. Before she went to the abortion clinic, she was together with a man who had, apparently, gotten her pregnant. He is not the same companion seen at the abortion clinic when Doggett goes to get her fifth abortion. When a nurse makes a snide comment about her many abortions, Doggett gets a gun from her car and shoots the nurse in broad daylight with many witnesses. A coalition of pro-life supporters hail Doggett as a hero, and fund a high-profile Christian lawyer to defend her in court. She did not appear to be religious whatsoever prior to her meeting the Christian lawyer, who later helps her with her doubts when she begins to turn away from the Christian faith. ("Fool Me Once")

Life In LitchfieldEdit

In prison, she devoted herself to God, spending most of her time trying to preach His word and convert others to His ways. In some episodes, she even heals the pains of other inmates such as Watson's knee (this was actually part of revenge by Alex which eventually ended up convincing Doggett that she could really heal people, and during a 'Scared Straight' visit she assaulted a disabled girl in a wheelchair in the bathroom with the belief she could heal her). Tiffany primarily works in the prison's laundry room.

Season OneEdit

Penn is introduced as highly religious. She tries to install a large, gaudy cross in the prison chapel, leading to the collapse of the roof.("The Chickening") It's eventually revealed to us that she was not always this religious. Her prison sentence is not what it seems - everyone believes she is a saviour of unborn babies after shooting a nurse in an abortion clinic in broad daylight; however, Her homophobia earns her a kiss from Alex.

Her lawyer reaffirms her faith after Doggett's experience in Psych.

In the middle of a Christmas performance, Piper left the show. Tiffany walked out and met her outside and after threatening Piper numerous times with weapons, Piper finally snapped and beat Tiffany until she fell unconscious. ("Can't Fix Crazy")

Season TwoEdit

In the beginning of Season 2, Pennsatucky gets new teeth as a result of Piper knocking most of them out, as a bribe from Healy to promise she "forgets" that he was present in the alleyway and didn't stop the fight between Piper and herself.

Her relationship with Leanne becomes strained after her experiences in Psych, and the two eventually become enemies. Pennsatucky also starts a weird "friendship" with Healy, promoting his group therapy sessions "Safe Place". She also loses much of her religious fervour and becomes more easy going.

Season Three Edit

During Season 3 Pennsatucky's past is explored in more depth, as we learn of her mother's Mountain Dew trick in the episode "Mother's Day". shown again in the episode 'A Tittin and a Hairin'. During the flashback in "A Tittin and a Harin'" it's revealed that Doggett began getting her period at age ten, and though her mother appears to care in her own way, she does not provide Tiffany with a very thorough or healthy sex education. Instead she tells her daughter that sex is like a "bee sting", something men enjoy and women just deal with. Flashing forward, it's seen that at parties Tiffany will sell herself for cigarettes and packs of Mountain Dew. She eventually finds a nice boyfriend named Nathan, who teaches her about sex for mutual pleasure, disproving her mother's way of thinking. Unfortunately he leaves town with his parents, and Tiffany is cornered in a bathroom by Abe, and is raped by him as recompense for ending their previous sexual arrangement early due to her getting stung by a bee/bitten by a spider.

Pennsatucky also becomes the new driver in Lichfield, as Morello is no longer trustworthy enough after V's escape. This results in her striking up a friendship with Charlie Coates, who treats her to otherwise forbidden doughnuts and ice-cream. The two feed stale doughnuts to ducks, and eventually Coates begins to take advantage of Penn. They enter into an abusive relationship, in which he repeatedly rapes her. Big Boo notices bruises on her wrists, and the two plot revenge against Coates, eventually leading to Penn faking a seizure to relieve herself from van duty.



  • Leanne Taylor - She initially has a close friendship with fellow inmate, Leanne Taylor, who has been entranced by Doggett's stories of Christianity and throughout the entire first season follows her loyally and unquestioningly. Later, this relationship goes sour after Doggett returns to the prison after being in solitary confinement due to her prior altercation with Piper. Leanne believes, that while Tiffany was gone, things became more peaceful without someone bossing everyone around all the time. After returning to the prison, most of Doggett's teeth are wrecked from her fight and years of rot. She eventually gets oral surgery to gain a new set of teeth, and brags about it to the rest of the laundry members. Leanne finally voices annoyance at Tiffany, who she perceives is acting arrogant and "high and mighty."
  • Piper Chapman(?) - For a brief period, she had a friendship with Piper before she allegedly "disrespected" her, forcing Doggett to set out to kill her. Piper repeatedly punches Doggett until she is unconscious, which also knocks out most of her teeth. It is because of this incident that Doggett later gets oral surgery, paid by the government, to gain a new set of teeth. When Piper returns to the prison, she and Doggett are forced to hug, on Joe Caputo's orders, to prove they are on better terms with each other.
  • Sam Healy - Mr. Healy becomes Doggett's personal counselor when he notices she is having anger management issues, which is something he relates to. They also relate over the fact that since the end of Season One, all Doggett's friends have turned on her, and the women no longer trust or like Healy due to his treatment of Piper. Doggett is shown to respect and trust Healy, taking interest in his counseling and expressing her desire to stop "being the bully". She was a keen enthusiast of his "Safe Place" meetings for the inmates, and encouraged others to take part. However, Healy's influence on Doggett is also negative since talking to him only strengthens her opposition to homosexuality and he convinces her that lesbians are trying to conquer the world. She drifts away from his influence when she becomes close friends with Big Boo.
  • Big Boo - After being rejected by Leanne and her old laundry crew, Doggett becomes friends with Big Boo. Despite her opposition to homosexuality, she becomes convinced from talking with Healy that lesbians are trying to conquer the world by eliminating men. Boo encouraged Penn to cut her long hair, at first making fun of her naivety of the lesbian way of life. During Season Three, the two become closer, sharing more jokes and making fun of each other less. Doggett reassures Boo that she's fine the way she is, during the episode "Finger in the Dyke", when Boo tries to appear straight for monetary gain. Boo also encourages Penn to brush her new teeth instead of letting them rot. The two become particularly close when Doggett is caught up in her abusive relationship with Charlie Coates. They plot revenge against him together, but in the end do not follow through on their original plan to "rape him back", and instead Boo helps Penn fake a seizure to get out of van duty. Boo comforts Penn and supports her through this rough time.


  • Alex Vause - Alex and Penn are enemies in Season One, thanks to her strict opposition to homosexuality.
  • Piper Chapman - During Season One, Piper and Penn do not get along after misunderstandings about religion and its place in the prison. The Season ends with the two fighting. The two eventually bury the hatchet as Penn gets new teeth and realises the gravity of her actions while in Solitary Confinement.
  • Abe - Abe is one of the men who forced himself upon Doggett when she was younger. He was abusive and raped her.
  • Charlie Coates - A past love interest of Doggett. Originally friends, their relationship turned abusive.

Romantic Edit

  • Charlie Coates - Doggett first met Coates when he became a new correctional officer at Litchfield. They developed a close friendship after taking a few rides in the Litchfield van together. Coates began to show signs of aggression when he began yelling at Doggett to become a dog and fetch with her teeth. When she opposed to it he began to yell at her showing that he has aggressive tendencies. Eventually their relationship turned romantic when Coates began to kiss her on one of their trips to feed the ducks, the same trip where he began to become aggressive. It is shown that Doggett is not exactly infatuated with Coates as she does not kiss him back when he forces himself upon her. Sensing her opposition, he backs off and they return to Litchfield. On another van trip they stop for ice cream, Doggett insisting that they have time to. When they return to Litchfield Coates is yelled at by Caputo for being late and missing count, which causes him to become angry at Doggett. When Doggett and Coates are supposed to leave on another van trip, she asks if they can get ice cream again. Coates then yells at her. Doggett tries apologizing, but Coates becomes even angrier with her. He then yells and pushes Doggett into the van and begins to rape her, telling her he loves her. This is shown to continue on for awhile and she begins to receive gifts from Coates. Doggett shows Big Boo the bracelet and Boo notices the bruises on her wrists. She becomes enraged at the idea of Doggett being abused and raped by this man and demands she take the bracelet off. Doggett refuses to and says that it's her fault, that he was being forceful because she was the one who instigated it by flirting and "smiling too much". Big Boo then becomes angry and comes up to Doggett one day and demands sex for money since she's "for sale" hinting at her relationship with Coates. Eventually Doggett breaks down and the two come up with a plan to get back at Coates for what he's done to her.
  • Nathan - Nathan was Doggett’s boyfriend. They first met at a party where Doggett was hanging out with someone's friends. In the middle of having sex with Abe she is stung/bit by either a bee or a spider. While Abe berates her for ending the sex. Nathan notices her in pain and comes over to try to help. After in. He is the first person to treat Doggett as a person rather than a payable sex toy. He is also the first person to inspecting the bite he goes to his truck and returns with a first aid kid. Afterwards he asks her to a movie as a date. He was the first person to introduce her to intimacy and sexual acts purely for pleasure. Eventually the pair have to break up because he must move to Wyoming with his parents.

Appearances Edit

Memorable quotesEdit

"It's a metaphor, you potato with eyes!"

_Tiffany Doggett

"We should have a 'Whites Only' bathroom!"
— Tiffany Doggett 
"The lord has blinded me!"
— Tiffany Doggett 
"I'm not crazy,  I'm chosen."
— Tiffany Doggett 
"I'm just a simple woman, doing the work of the lord."
— Tiffany Doggett 
"Its beautiful. All right? It's our right as Americans to religious freedom. Ain't you heard of the Third Amendment?"
— Tiffany Doggett
"No, i-i-i-it comes in two stages -- if you study your shit! The first one was a spiritual rapture, and the second one comin' is a physical one, okay? And you're not invited, because they don't allow gay people on the rapture bus!"
— Tiffany Doggett
"She a lesbian. They lesbianing together."
— Tiffany Doggett 
"I'm an angel of God. I mean, look at my dress."
— Tiffany Doggett 
"I don't know about ya'll, but I'm really starting to feel like you're trying to assassinate my character."
— Tiffany Doggett 
"Cause you so much as even squawk about God in here, and you get thrown in with the Looney Toons."
— Tiffany Doggett 
"Man, do you know what it means, when there ain't nobody up there punishing the evildoers? It means there ain't nobody giving out prizes for the good ones neither ‘Cause there ain’t no judge, there ain’t no justice,  we just crawl around this Earth like ants... and then we die."
— Tiffany Doggett 
"You know what I gotta do. She disrespected me. Now, I'm gonna have to kill her."
— Tiffany Doggett
"Yeah, I said stupid twice, only to emphasize how stupid that is!"
— Tiffany Dogget
"I feel free as a bird. No, like, not even a bird. More like a snake."
— Tiffany Dogget


Season 1Edit

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