Three-D is a gang leader. He appears solely in a flashback in the episode "Blood Donut". He is portrayed by Sharrieff Pugh.

Personality Edit

Three-D is shown to be caring for Janae's well-being, and acts kindly towards her, almost protective.

Physical Appearance Edit

Three-D is an African American man. He is bald, and has brown eyes. A thin moustache and goatee grows on his face.

Biography Edit

Season One Edit

Three-D appears at a party he is hosting filled with drugs, surrounded by women. Janae has attended and is awkwardly standing alone with a beer she has been passed but not drunk any of. She is taken over to Three-D by a guy named Richie at his request. He tells her that she shouldn't be at the party, despite being told to drop by by someone named Little Frank. He takes Janae's drink and tells her to look around and tell her what she sees - all Janae notices is people. Three-D tells her that the people are 'thugs' and part of his crew. Three-D tells her that she can have all that he does but for real, with her talent, and she will choose her own road but he can't be part of her self-destruction if that's the path she takes. He calls over Richie and tells him to take Janae home, telling her that if she ever needs anything, such as money for sneakers, she should come to him. Janae reluctantly accepts the dismissal. She curtly tells Richie that she can get home on her own, and leaves.

On the way out of the door, she is stopped by a guy called Donte, who tells her that he, unlike Three-D, won't dictate what she can and can't do.

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