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Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary, portrayed by Uzo Aduba. She wanted main character Piper Chapman to be her "prison wife" but Piper was not interested.


Suzanne or better known as "Crazy Eyes" can be a very attached person, and at the beginning of the series deters the other inmates from interacting with this vibe. 

When getting to know her better, the realization of how kind and thoughtful she can be becomes apparent, like when she provides peppers for Piper to make amends with Red. She enjoys poetry, reciting Shakespeare and making poems for Piper. 

She is easily flustered as well as becoming upset, usually resulting in her hitting herself on the head and calling herself "stupid". 

She is under medication which calms her down. Suzanne curbs her own sorrow and anxiety by cleaning the bathrooms at night. Despite what seems like a tendency to devote herself blindly to others, Suzanne does not respond well to perceived unkindness, and states at the end of Season One to Piper Chapman that the blonde is a mean person.


In "Fucksgiving", Suzanne is seen visiting with her "Mom and Dad". They both are white, suggesting Suzanne was perhaps adopted.

Suzanne briefly references a former prison girlfriend, stating that the woman was Hispanic and liked her food spicy.

Memorable quotesEdit

"You gotta start from the inside out, or else you'll step on the clean."
— Suzanne Warren, "Fool Me Once"
"People forget we was all new here once. It's good to know you ain't alone."
— Suzanne Warren
"I don't just like you, Piper. I got feelings. Love feelings."
— Suzanne Warren
"I threw my pie for you."
— Suzanne Warren
"Why does everybody call me crazy eyes?"
— Suzanne Warren
"Chocolate and vanilla swir-irl, swir-irl."
— Suzanne Warren
"You know, if you were still my wife I would tell you all the time how much I like yo' titties! Because girls like that... and that is a tip from me to you."
— Suzanne Warren
"Sometimes when I'm real upset they tie me down like a balloon so I don't float away."
— Suzanne Warren, "Tall Men with Feelings"
"Sometimes the ceilings inside me get messy like dirt. And I like to clean things.. And the dirt is the feelings. This floor is my mind. That, is called coping"
— Suzanne Warren

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