Sun Zhang was a man whom a matchmaker tried to set up with Mei Chang. He appears in flashback scenes in "Ching Chong Chang".

Overview Edit

Prior to her incarcertaion, Mei and her brother, Lin Chang, enlisted the help of matchmaker Mrs. Hu in finding Mei a husband in America. Upon meeting Mei, he very rudely rejected her based solely on her appearance.

Later, Mei was owed a favour by Ling Fu, a smuggler who she had saved the life of. She asked Fu to capture Mr. Sun to exact her revenge. Upon facing Mei, injured and bloody, Sun spat blood at her, saying she would always be an ugly girl who no-one wants, whether he lives or dies. Mei got upset and said that he was right. She went to leave, and Fu asked her whether he should let Sun go. She said no, and told them to cut out his gallbladder. She smiled as he began to scream.

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