Title card: a Netflix Original Series - Soundtrack "You've Got Time"
The episode picks up from where it left off last episode, the storm guards enter the prison and begin their surge. Taystee runs away in the other direction. Stormy Weather by Etta James is played in the background. Explosions go off, Janae and Alison attempt to leave.
Watson [Janae is pushed up against the wall and tazed] Don't hurt me! [Taystee watches on in horror as Janae collapses, Michelle and Alison are arrested]
Officer [Through his walkie-talkie] Team one moving on to the Bravo target.
Scene change - Guard's common room, the officers enter.

Scene change - Frieda's Bunker

Red [Hearing an explosion] What the hell is happening?
Frieda Best guess, 20 to 25 men in riot gear are making their way through the prison...[she stands up] using smoke bombs, electrified shields, and, when necessary, bullets to take down every person in here. That noise was most likely the front doors gettin' blasted open with explosives.
Piper But they won't kill us, right? [Frieda doesn't answer] That's insane! They're not gonna kill us.
Blanca Were you not paying attention four days ago when death came to the cafeteria?
Frieda I sure as hell didn't make a secret bunker because I thought these things ended in a handshake.
Gina Shit! We gotta get out of here. [Gina begins to get her stuff]
Frieda [Trying to stop her] Hell of a lot safer down here than it is up there.
Yoga Jones I think peaceful surrender is a better bet.
Anita Yeah! Sounds better than waiting for them to throw a bomb down here and blow us all up!
Piper [To Alex] Okay, well you're in no condition to go running towards a bunch of armed men. I thin that we're gonna have to stay here.
Alex The real tragedy is that we're gonna die before we can fight over the wedding cake.
Piper Okay. I understand that sarcasm is your thing and I want to love and accept all parts of you but can you not make jokes about dying right now?
Gina [Begins hyperventilating] Oh shit! I'm totally freaking out.
Red [Holding her arms] Gina, take a deep breath. Frieda is right. Staying here is safer. When they find us, we can say we didn't even know what was happening.
Gina Okay, yeah.
Yoga Jones Except for the 250-pound guard we have tied up down there.
Gina I gotta get out of here. I gotta get outside. I gotta go. [Gina runs up the stairs and leaves]
Yoga Jones I want them to know that I'm innocent. [Yoga Jones leaves and follows Gina]
Anita I'm following the hippie. [Anita leaves and follows Yoga Jones, Norma goes after Anita]
Red Norma! Stay with us. We'll be better off if we all stay together. Safety in numbers. [Norma shrugs this off and runs after Anita; Red sits down]
Frieda See you on the other side.
Scene change - C-Dorm bubble, Gloria is panicking and explaining her worries to Luschek.
Gloria They should be calling about Benny soon. Or trying to call. Jesus. [Zirconia runs in]
Zirconia They're here. The dudes. It's over.
Gloria The riot's over?
Luschek Holy shit. They're coming to rescue us?
Gloria "Us?" They're gonna rescue you, crucify us. Where's my cell phone? I have to call him. I haven't called him.
Zirconia [Pulling out a large knife] Uh...I traded it for this.
Luschek I bet you could make it to Healy's office. There's a phone in there. Hide under the desk so they don't see your shadow through the blinds.
Gloria [To Luschek] Thank you. [To Zirconia, showing her her restraints] Come on. I won't be able to run.
Zirconia [Sawing through Gloria's restraints] See? I knew a knife would be better than a phone.
Gloria [Zirconia cuts through the restraints, Gloria opens the door] Good luck. [She leaves]
Luschek [Walking over to Zirconia and raising his arms] Please. [Zirconia cuts through Luschek's restraints, he grunts] Fuck! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. [Zirconia unsheathes her knife and brings out a pair of handcuffs] Fuck! Look, hey, no judgements. Whatever you're in to. But it doesn't really feel like the right time for kinky stuff.
Zirconia [Chuckles and puts handcuffs on Luschek] You're gonna be my human shield, papi. They wanna kill me? They gotta go through you first. Let's go.
Luschek Out there? That...that is such a bad idea. Let them come in here. That way we can surrender all chill and everything. [Zirconia drags Luschek out of the bubble] Oh, fuck!
Scene change - Ouija and Pidge run through the hallway, Ouija runs in to Helen
Skinhead Helen Fuck!
Ouija My bad! [After a scuffle] Go left!
Pidge Yo, we gotta go!
Ouija I'm trying!
Sankey [Yelling across the hall] Wait, where are you going?!
Pidge The library!
Brandy Bad move! They're coming from the lobby. They'll hit the library first!
Ouija [Moving toward Brandy aggressively] What, you're criticising our strategy now?
Sankey Depends on what your strategy is! You trying to surrender like the rest of these pussy turncoats?
Pidge You're kidding, right? We been at the front of this since the beginning.
Brandy So you're gonna stay and fight the fuckers.
Ouija Uh, you askin' us to join your team?
Brandy Team latte.
Pidge Oh, shit! She funny?
Sankey She has her moments.
Ouija We come this far. Ain't nobody takin' us this easy. We're in.
Skinhead Helen Go! Now!
Scene change - Pharmacy, Lorna is sitting on the floor, crying, Nicky runs in
Nicky Fuck, we gotta get you out of here.
Lorna But everything's gonna be okay, right?
Nicky [Chuckles] I don't know kid.
Lorna [Lorna desperately pats beside her] Sit here.
Nicky [Refusing] Baby, they are on their way here
Lorna [Extending her arms] But it's not like we can avoid it, right?
Nicky No, but I gotta go tell Red and company.
Lorna I'm scared.
Nicky [Sighs and looks around, then she sits with Lorna] All right, look. Look, there is nothing to be scared of. All right, you're gonna lay on the ground for a minute or two. They're gonna swing their dicks around so they can feel like big, bad guys, and then everything is just gonna return to shitty normal.
Lorna But what about the baby?
Nicky If I survived my mother's nightly martinis in utero, then your baby is going to survive this.
Lorna No. After. What about after, when it all goes back to shitty normal? I have to have this baby in prison. And...and who's gonna take him when they take him away from me? [Lorna starts crying] Even my sister, she doesn't have any room and my mother is a mess. And Vinnie, he doesn't want it.
Nicky Just look at me. Look at me. Your baby is gonna be better than great. you hear me?
Lorna But how do you know?
Nicky Because I know you're great. [Nicky laughs] Now, look, I really gotta go.
Lorna No. No, you can't go. You have to stay. Five more minutes. Just five more minutes. That's all.
Nicky [Sighing and faltering] Okay. All right, kid. Five more minutes, okay? [Lorna rests her head on Nicky's shoulder while Nicky sighs]
Scene change - Several inmates are staying in the chapel, waiting to be found, Ginsberg, Boyle, Hapakuka and Lea Guerrera are all standing in a line peacefully, arms folded in prayer
Officer [Entering loudly] Hands in the air!
Ginsberg [Quietly] You have the first line.
Hapakuka Right. Please don't shoot! [Raising her arms]
Boyle We are innocent! [Raising her arms]
Guerrera [Obviously forced] We ain't got nothing to do with any of this.
Ginsberg Dear kind men in scary outfits, can't you see we are all good, pious women, who have been doing nothing but praying for hours for all this to come to a peaceful end? [The four of them are forced against the altar and handcuffed] Ow! You really fucked this up.
Hapakuka Yeah, maybe if we had better material.
Ginsberg Oh, sure, blame the writer.
Guerrera At least they didn't shoot us. [The four of them are lead away, leaving Gerrman alone in the chapel who is seated]
Herrmann Get up.
Gerrman Please don't hurt me.
Herrmann Get up!
Gerrman What are you going to...[Hermann hits Gerrman with a baton, Gerrman screams in pain] No!
Officer I thought our mandate was limited violence, minimal injury.
Herrmann [Smirking while Gerrman is crying in pain] Looks minimal to me. Get her back to the lobby and secure the room. [The other officer takes Gerrman away] Chapel secure. Team one moving south toward the library hallway.
Scene change - Salon, Leanne and Angie are equally bored during the storm
Leanne You think he was actually into me, or was only pretending because we made him do it?
Angie Nah, I've raped guys before and I could tell it was genuine for him. He, like, really tried.
Leanne Yeah.
Angie [The two swing around on the chairs] Well, what do you think we should do now?
Leanne We could surrender, I guess.
Angie [Grunts] I don't want to surrender! I don't want the fun to stop!
Leanne We could stay and fight 'em.
Angie It sounds like a lot of effort.
Leanne We could get high.
Angie [Spinning in excitement] Sold! To the lady in the back with nine fingertips!
Leanne That was mean.
Angie Oh, my God! You're so sensitive when you're sober.
Leanne Well, it's a disability. You shouldn't make fun of it.
Angie Maybe we could get you one of those license plates for retards that let you park anywhere.
Leanne I can't drive!
Angie Really? [Standing like a child] But what about those buggy things? Is that a different license? You get it down at Department of Horsey Vehicles?
Leanne There's no such thing as the Department of Horsey Vehicles. [Angie begins neighing while Leanne grunts in frustration]
Scene change - Outside the prison, Carol Chapman is biting her nails in the parent mob standing next to Pat and Dennis Warren and Mrs.Taylor
Carol [After noticing she has been seen] Oh, bad habit.
Pat Better than most bad habits.
Carol I suppose that's true.
Pat I don't really drink, but I could use a gallon of vodka right now.
Carol [Chuckling and reaching into her purse] I hear you. Would a , uh, bit of scotch do the trick?
Pat [Taking the flask Carol produced] I believe it would.
Dennis [Seeing Pat drink from the flask] Honey, do you think that's a good idea.
Pat No, I think it's a great idea.
Dennis Oh, come on, Pats.
Carol [Pat hands hte flask back] Hmm. Do you have a daughter in there?
Pat I do.
Carol Mine called this morning. She seemed all right, but...she always seems to find her way into the middle of things. I just hope and pray that she has enough common sense to stay out of this one.
Pat Mine doesn't have much common sense...and I don't know that hopes and prayers have ever been enough with her.
Carol What's her name?
Pat Suzanne. Yours?
Carol Piper.
Pat It's not what you imagine, is it? When you hold them in your arms for the frst time?
Carol No. It's not.
Scene change - B Dorm, Taystee runs in in shock
Taystee [Running to Black Cindy who is trying to wake Suzanne up] Fuck! Hey, yo! They got Janae and Abdullah. We gotta go.
Black Cindy [Stammering] Well, she's not...her breathing, it's, like, off, man.
Taystee All right, move. [Black Cindy moves out of the way] Hey, Suzanne. Yo! you gotta wake up, yo.
Black Cindy Come on, Suzanne.
Taystee Come on. Yo, we gotta go.
Black Cindy Okay, look. What if we find them riot guys, and we...and we walk up to 'em with our hand up, like, real nice, and tell 'em she needs help?
Taystee They're not here to help!
Black Cindy How are we gonna make her wake up, man?
Taystee Okay, we can, um, carry her to the pharmacy and try to find something, like, that's the opposite of the shit you have her. But we gotta hurry. Come on!
Black Cindy Man, we not gonna be able to carry her that far. She built like a concrete house! [To Suzanne] No offense.
Taystee [Yelling] Well, I don't know what else the fuck to do, all right? They got dudes storming in here. I ain't slept in three days and I don't got all the answers, man! [Shoving Black Cindy] You made this mess, you clean it!
Black Cindy Uh...[gasps] Oh, oh, I...I got an idea. All right.Um, stay with her. All right? Just stay with her. [Black Cindy runs off]
Taystee I can't lose you too. For real, I can't lose you too.
Scene change - Communal Library Hallway, Cindy runs down the hall and turns to the closet Humps is in
Black Cindy Really sorry about this, bud. Need to borrow the chair. Typically. I'd be more respectful of the dead, but you were a real son of a bitch when you were alive. [Cindy tips Humps out of the wheelchair] Karma. [Cindy wheels the chair out] You know what I'm saying? [She turns the light off then runs back]
Scene change -Old library, Flaca and Maritza are hiding out
Maritza It's all over.
Flaca It was gonna be over sometime.
Maritza [Clicks tongue] It's just...I feel like I found my true calling, you know?
Flaca [After starng at Maritza] What, being pretty?
Maritza No, being, lke, a vlogger, or whatever.
Flaca That ain't a real job. Jobs are, like, maid, cook reality TV star...
Maritza Uh-uh, I've been reading, and people are making, like, a billion dollars a year off of their YouTube shit.
Flaca Well, that ain't never gonna be us. At least, not in the near future. [Scoffs] Or distant future. Maybe way, way in the future. Except we won't be cute no more. That ain't never gonna be us.
Maritza I hate this stupid fucking riot.
Flaca [Sitting beside Maritza] Come on, we made such cool shit.
Maritza But it was a taste of, like, being normal. It's better when you forget there's a whole world outside of this place. And then maybe you don't feel so bad.
Flaca I don't know. I've been in the world and it wasn't all that great either.
Maritza True.
Flaca Plus...I got my best friend in here.
Maritza I know. We never would have met.
Flaca Exactly.
Maritza Yeah.
Flaca One last video? [Flaca chucles]
Maritza Yeah.
Flaca Yeah? All right.
Maritza Okay.
Scene change - Porta Potties, Chang leaves one of the toilets and notices the hole in the fence
Chang See you later, motherfuckers. [Chang ducks out of the fence and runs away]
Scene change - Lobby hallway, Norma, Gina, Yoga Jones and Anita all walk to surrender
Gina This was a mistake.
Anita Can't go back now.
Gina Guys...what's gonna happen to us?
Yoga Jones I don't know. But at least we'll all be together.
Officer Up against the wall now! I said now!
Gina That wasn't so bad.
Yoga Jones Told you it'd be fine. [The officer pushes Norma and Anita against the wall]
Scene change , Infirmary, an officer is inspecting Maureen
Officer What the fuck went wrong here?
Officer Yeah, I've read about this. It's called elephantiasis. It can happen to your balls too.
Maureen [Extending her leg to kick one of the officers] Go fuck yourself.
Officer Really robbed yourself of the sympathy vote, didn't ya?
Officer Let's go, bitch. You can walk.
Maureen I have an infection.
Officer Obvioulsly not in your legs. [Maureen is lead out]
Elsie [An officer grabs Elsie, she slaps him away] Young man, we better be going steady before you touch me like that again. [Yells] You hear me? [The officer picks Elsie up]
Scene change - Dorm, Helen, Sankey, Brandy, Ouija and Pidge are making traps and barricades
Scene change - Pool, Blanca grabs a flat beer while Frieda watches
Blanca What? If I'm going down, then I might as well be drunk.
Red That's a good idea. [Red grabs a beer]
Frieda Oh, good. I got the drunks in the draft.
Piper I hope they're okay.
Red If anything happens to them, I'll never be...
Alex So was it worth it?
Piper What?
Alex The riot. Was it worth it?
Piper Oh, don't do that.
Alex I'm not being a dick. I'm serious.
Red Things got out of hand.
Alex Out of hand? Wow. That's real...passive shit for a woman who's directly responsible for the ogre in the corner, Red.
Red Did you stop to think before burying a body in my garden?
Alex I had to defend myself in order to stay alive. So yes. I can say, definitively, that that was worth it. Can you?
Piper We can't know that yet. Maybe they'll still meet some of our demands. Maybe some grandma in Kansas will read an article about this and she'll see us s people instead of criminals. And then maybe she'll tell all of her grandma friends and they'll tell their kids, and then they'll tell their grandkids. I mean, isn't that how change really happens. Through Midwestern grandmas having epiphanies? Maybe that will have made all of this worth it. [Alex smiles]
Scene change - Pharmacy, Nicky and Lorna are still hugging on the floor when Cindy wheels Suzanne in with Taystee
Black Cindy Hey!
Nicky Fuck, what happened?
Black Cindy We had a situation.
Taystee Situation? You mean lithium? You got anything to wake her up?
Nicky Oh, coffee ain't gonna do the trick.
Lorna Oh, my God! You did this to her.
Black Cindy I was just trying to do the best I could, all right?
Taystee Ain't that some Sesame Street BS.
Black Cindy You get that we about to be mowed down like some lawn gnomes and it's your fault, right?
Taystee You know I was just trying to get justice for Po-
Black Cindy Poussey. Yeah, it stopped being about her and started being about your pride a long time ago.
Nicky [Overhearing an officer shouting] Fuck, they're close.
Taystee We gotta hide.
Nicky I know a place.
Lorna [Tearfully]] Let's go.
Nicky Not you, okay? You gotta get out of here. It is only gonna get more dangerous.
Lorna No...
Nicky I want you to walk down the hall with your hands up. want you to tell them you're pregnant the minute you see them. Yell it. Make sure they hear you.
Black Cindy Hey! Hey! Mazel tov!
Lorna Oh, thank you very much.
Nicky Okay?
Lorna Okay. Okay.
Nicky All right. Okay. Okay. Go, now! [Lorna runs in to the hallway[
Black Cindy Okay, we all got to go. Which way?
Nicky Come on. This way. [Nicky turns to hear Lorna shouting she's pregnant, Leanne and Angie run in to the closet where Humps is]
Leanne [Angie yelps] What is it?
Angie Oh, my god! Oh my God! Abort! Abort!
Leanne No! No! No! I am not letting this get in the way of my last riot high! Move! Everybody move! Move! [Leanne kicks Humps]
Angie Shouldn't you be more respectful of the dead?
Leanne Don't be stupid, he's a guard, not a person. Ang, get in here and close the door! [Angie does so, grinning with her tongue sticking out, Leanne pours a bottle of disinfectant into a mop bucket] You care if I go first? [Angie shakes her head, Leanne ties her hair up and inhales deeply in the bucket]
Angie [Sliding down the wall] Hey, Leanne?
Leanne Dude, that wasn't even five seconds. Chill out, you'll get your turn.
Angie A guard is dead and we are in a very small closet with him and we finger-raped that other guard and then we laughed about it. And then we also tied up that girl like she was a stray dog and the world is ending and I just....what if we're the bad guys?
Leanne [Chuckles] Oh, my God! You sound so high already. Are the fumes that strong? [Leanne sniffs the bucket]
Angie I mean it. What if all this time we thought we were Ariel, we're actually Ursula.
Leanne Well, obviously I'm Sebastian and you're Flounder. We are lovable clowns.
Angie I don't wanna a be a clown anymore.
Leanne [sighs[ Fine. You wanna move the dead guy out into the hallway?
Angie No! I wanna, like, do something important.
Leanne Like what?
Angie I don't know, but, if we died in here...would anybody even care?
Leanne I'd care.
Angie You would be dead.
Leanne [Sighs and tilts her head] Well, I guess I'm already dead to my family.
Angie [Frowns] I don't know who my dad is, and my mom is probably neck deep in her own bucket of bleach right now
Leanne [Pause] One second. [Leanne takes one more inhalation of the bucket] Okay, I'm high enough to make bad decisions. Let's go be good people. Come on/
Angie Yes!
Leanne Go, go, go! [Leanne turns to Humphrey's body] See you later, dead guy! [Leanne and Angie run out, leaving the door open]
Herrmann [The storm guards see Brook sitting cross-legged on the ground] Get your ass up and against the wall inmate. [Brook ignores him] Get the fuck up. [Brook glares at Herrmann] Get the fuck up, bitch! [Brook looks straight ahead] Take care of her, please. [Two guards pick Brook up in to a standing position, she goes limp and tries to stay where she is. She is carried out, watching the library one last time before turning a corner]
Scene change - Cafeteria, the storm guards have entered
Officer [Yelling] Hey! Hey!Up against the wall. Do it now! Hands up against the wall!
Big Boo Hey, shit, man. You don't have to yell, like loud. I got ears, right? [An officer grabs Boo and pushes her to the grid wall] Oh, fuck me! Okay, man. Dude! Dude! I'm with you. I'm with you.
Digori [Two officers drag her form underneath a table] Shit, you're strong. [One removes her headphones] No! Tose are...those are mine! [She is pushed against a wall, a montage of inmates is shown of being thrown against walls and stunned]
Officer Come on, let's go! Move faster!
Linda [Running up to a guard] Thank God you're here. You've gotta help me.
Officer Get your ass against the wall or I'mma shoot you in the face.
Linda [Raising her hands] Are those real bullets?
Big Boo [Grabbing Linda] Are you fucking kidding me? Get you hands up!
Linda What's gonna happen?
Big Boo I don't know. But you know, there are very few circumstances in life where even I know when to shut up. So do us both a fucking favour. [Linda nods]
Scene change - Healy's office, Gloria is calling Lourdes off his phone under Healy's desk
Gloria Come on, come on, come on. [Lourdes doesn't pick up, she dials again]
Lourdes Hello?
Gloria [In Spanish] Lourdes, it's me. Is he...what's happening?
Lourdes The surgeon said everything went fine. He just got out. [Gloria starts crying]
Gloria He's okay.
Lourdes He's okay.
Gloria I'm not coming, things went wrong...
Lourdes I'll tell him.
Gloria Tell him I love him.
Lourdes I'll tell him.
Gloria If anything happens to me....
Lourdes My love, I promise.
Gloria Thank you. [Gloria is startled by a guard's voice outside] I'll call back as soon as I can. I gotta go.
Herrmann We have a man down. Man down! [The team leader stands outside of the closet where Humps' body is] Get him outside, now. Take the rest of this place by any means necessary.
Natoli Hey, does that mean we have permission to start using the pepper bullets?
Herrmann Shut the fuck up, Natoli. Let's move. [Over radio] On the move, heading toward dormitory A1. [He shoves down Poussey's memorial, Gloria remains crouched in Healy's office as they pass by, rising cautiously, Gloria creeps toward the door but stays attached to the wall, she hears an officer pass then sprints out the door]

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