Title card: a Netflix Original Series - Soundtrack "You've Got Time"
The episode picks up from where it left off last episode, the storm guards enter the prison and begin their surge. Taystee runs away in the other direction. Stormy Weather by Etta James is played in the background. Explosions go off, Janae and Alison attempt to leave.
Watson [Janae is pushed up against the wall and tazed] Don't hurt me! [Taystee watches on in horror as Janae collapses, Michelle and Alison are arrested]
Officer [Through his walkie-talkie] Team one moving on to the Bravo target.
Scene change - Guard's common room, the officers enter.

Scene change - Frieda's Bunker

Red [Hearing an explosion] What the hell is happening?
Frieda Best guess, 20 to 25 men in riot gear are making their way through the prison...[she stands up] using smoke bombs, electrified shields, and, when necessary, bullets to take down every person in here. That noise was most likely the front doors gettin' blasted open with explosives.
Piper But they won't kill us, right? [Frieda doesn't answer] That's insane! They're not gonna kill us.
Blanca Were you not paying attention four days ago when death came to the cafeteria?
Frieda I sure as hell didn't make a secret bunker because I thought these things ended in a handshake.
Gina Shit! We gotta get out of here. [Gina begins to get her stuff]
Frieda [Trying to stop her] Hell of a lot safer down here than it is up there.
Yoga Jones I think peaceful surrender is a better bet.
Anita Yeah! Sounds better than waiting for them to throw a bomb down here and blow us all up!
Piper [To Alex] Okay, well you're in no condition to go running towards a bunch of armed men. I thin that we're gonna have to stay here.
Alex The real tragedy is that we're gonna die before we can fight over the wedding cake.
Piper Okay. I understand that sarcasm is your thing and I want to love and accept all parts of you but can you not make jokes about dying right now?
Gina [Begins hyperventilating] Oh shit! I'm totally freaking out.
Red [Holding her arms] Gina, take a deep breath. Frieda is right. Staying here is safer. When they find us, we can say we didn't even know what was happening.
Gina Okay, yeah.
Yoga Jones Except for the 250-pound guard we have tied up down there.
Gina I gotta get out of here. I gotta get outside. I gotta go. [Gina runs up the stairs and leaves]
Yoga Jones I want them to know that I'm innocent. [Yoga Jones leaves and follows Gina]
Anita I'm following the hippie. [Anita leaves and follows Yoga Jones, Norma goes after Anita]
Red Norma! Stay with us. We'll be better off if we all stay together. Safety in numbers. [Norma shrugs this off and runs after Anita; Red sits down]
Frieda See you on the other side.
Scene change - C-Dorm bubble, Gloria is panicking and explaining her worries to Luschek.
Gloria They should be calling about Benny soon. Or trying to call. Jesus. [Zirconia runs in]
Zirconia They're here. The dudes. It's over.
Gloria The riot's over?
Luschek Holy shit. They're coming to rescue us?
Gloria "Us?" They're gonna rescue you, crucify us. Where's my cell phone? I have to call him. I haven't called him.
Zirconia [Pulling out a large knife] Uh...I traded it for this.
Luschek I bet you could make it to Healy's office. There's a phone in there. Hide under the desk so they don't see your shadow through the blinds.
Gloria [To Luschek] Thank you. [To Zirconia, showing her her restraints] Come on. I won't be able to run.
Zirconia [Sawing through Gloria's restraints] See? I knew a knife would be better than a phone.
Gloria [Zirconia cuts through the restraints, Gloria opens the door] Good luck. [She leaves]
Luschek [Walking over to Zirconia and raising his arms] Please. [Zirconia cuts through Luschek's restraints, he grunts] Fuck! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. [Zirconia unsheathes her knife and brings out a pair of handcuffs] Fuck! Look, hey, no judgements. Whatever you're in to. But it doesn't really feel like the right time for kinky stuff.
Zirconia [Chuckles and puts handcuffs on Luschek] You're gonna be my human shield, papi. They wanna kill me? They gotta go through you first. Let's go.
Luschek Out there? That...that is such a bad idea. Let them come in here. That way we can surrender all chill and everything.

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