Stansie Morello is the mother of Lorna Morello, Franny Morello and Mikey Morello and the wife of Giueseppe Morello. She is portrayed by Catherine LeFrere.

Personality Edit

Stansie is shown to be level-headed and very religion centric. When Lorna doesn't eat her eucharist, she and her husband are similarly outraged.

Physical Appearance Edit

Stansie Morello is a very glamorous woman, showing up to church in vibrantly coloured dresses with extensive makeup. She is a tall woman with long brown hair.

Biography Edit

Before Lorna's incarceration Edit

Stansie and her husband watch on as Lorna goes to recieve her Eucharist. When Lorna returns Stansie notices Lorna has not actually eaten the cracker. Stansie tries to make Lorna see how important the Eucharist is, but Lorna ignores her and claims that the dress she is wearing is. ("Trust No Bitch")

Despite not actually appearing physically in season two, before Lorna's incarceration, she has become dependant on her family. She has lost control of her bladder due to some unknown illness and has become unstable. She calls her family's attention with a bell from upstairs which is usually ignored. When Lorna goes to her room, Stansie shouts up from her room but Lorna ignores her yet again. ("A Whole Other Hole")

Season Five Edit

Stansie is mentioned to be alive by Lorna during the prison storm. ("Storm-y Weather")

Memorable Quotes Edit

"You got Christ in your body now, darlin', that means you got responsibility."
— Stansie to Lorna after receiving her Eucharist. ("Trust No Bitch")
"You gotta eat the cracker, Lorna, that's the whole point."
— Stansie to Lorna. ("Trust No Bitch")

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