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The Spanish Harlem are a group of women that belong to the Latina/Hispanic women at Litchfield Penitentiary.

Members Edit

Hispanic Edit

  • Gloria Mendoza - Leader until Maria takes over in Season Four, she acts as a mother figure, and ran the kitchen for a while. She is in prison for SNAP fraud.
  • Aleida Diaz - One of Gloria's closest friends, she is the mother of Dayanara. She was released early in Season Four for good conduct and currently lives with her boyfriend Cesar's other girlfriend Margarita.
  • Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales - She is a young latina woman who is in prison for drug fraud. She was shown as an outcast during Season 3 due to her ambition to leave her job in the kitchen and join the new "mystery" job (which turned out to be the Whispers sweatshop). She was then accepted into the Whispers fashion factory. She is the best friend of Maritza, both of whom were hired by Piper Chapman to wear her panties. She and Gloria eventually make up during "Trust No Bitch".
  • Maritza Ramos - The best friend of Flaca and daughter figure of Aleida. She used to work in the kitchen, but was transferred to be the new van driver in "Trust No Bitch". Her crime was shown to be grand theft auto.
  • Dayanara "Daya" Diaz - Aleida's daughter. She was reluctantly accepted after she and her mother, Aleida Diaz, came to a truce. She gave birth to her and John Bennet's daughter at the end of Season Three, and expected to give her away for adoption to Delia Powell, but in the end was forced to give her to Cesar due to her mother's actions. Unlike the others, she cannot speak Spanish, which frustrates the others.

The Dominicans Edit

  • Maria Ruiz - She is seen as quite an angry character. She was pregnant when she entered prison and gave birth whilst incarcerated. Her daughter is being raised by her boyfriend, who has refused to bring the baby to the prison since Mother's Day as he is worried about the psychological effect it could have on her. Maria misses her daughter terribly. Her crime is unknown, but as of Season Two she has six years of her sentence left. In Season Four, she became a secondary antagonist and de facto leader after she started first rivalling Piper Chapman's pantie business and then graduated to dealing heroin.
  • Blanca Flores - Seems to be friends with all the Spanish girls and is second-in-command in Maria's gang. She has spent time in Psych. She was likely arrested for elder abuse of a woman named Millie, for whom she was an employed caregiver.
  • Ouija Aziza - Part of Maria's gang.
  • Ramona Contrares - Part of Maria's gang.
  • Zirconia - Part of Maria's gang.

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