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Sophia Burset
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Sophia Burset
Crystal Burset (wife)
Michael Burset (son)
Unnamed father (deceased)
Credit card fraud
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 Sophia Burset, is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary who works as the prison's hairdresser. She is portrayed by actress Laverne Cox. Pre-transition Sophia (Marcus) was played by Cox's twin brother M. Lamar. [1]


Before transitioning, Sophia was a firefighter named Marcus and was married to Crystal, with whom she had a son. To pay for her sex-reassignment operations, she stole credit cards, boosting them to finance her surgeries. Throughout the entire process, her unknowing wife stuck by her, while their son, Michael, had difficulty accepting that his father was transgender and decided to get back at her by informing the police of her crime.

Sophia has to contend with being the only trans woman in the prison and bearing the brunt of all the transmisogyny directed at her by both inmates and staff.

Sophia appears to have an ongoing rivalry with Danita, who also runs a hair salon at Litchfield. She revealed that she had been in Litchfield 2 years prior to Season 2.

She applied for furlough when her father had a lung transplant that didn't take. Sophia had a very distant relationship with her father after her transition, but when he started dying, he began to accept her and even called her Sophia (Appropriately Sized Pots).

Personality Edit

Sophia is a friendly person in general, and enjoys doing her makeup and fixing inmates' hair. She stands by her beliefs and is stubborn to get what she wants.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"You have some fucked up priorities."
— Sophia Burset
"I can take good care of you... but even if you don't go to me, don't go to Danita! She will burn the shit out of your scalp."
— Sophia Burset
"Human beings aren't supposed to live like this."
— Sophia Burset
"Holy shit. I look hot."
— Sophia Burset
"I don't do sausage on my breakfast sandwich."
— Sophia Burset
"If I would've seen him, I don't know, may have felt like closure. But we don't get a lot of that in this life now, do we."
— Sophia Burset
"I knew them bitches was lying when they said you left here looking like Omar from The Wire."
— Sophia Burset


Season 1 Appearances
"I Wasn't Ready" "Tit Punch" "Lesbian Request Denied" "Imaginary Enemies" "The Chickening"
"WAC Pack" "Blood Donut" "Moscow Mule" "Fucksgiving" "Bora Bora Bora"
"Tall Men with Feelings" "Fool Me Once" "Can't Fix Crazy"
Season 2 Appearances
"Thirsty Bird" "Looks Blue, Tastes Red" "Hugs Can Be Deceiving" "A Whole Other Hole" "Low Self Esteem City"
"You Also Have a Pizza" "Comic Sans" "Appropriately Sized Pots" "40 OZ of Furlough" "Little Moustachioed Shit"
"Take a Break From Your Values" "It Was The Change" "We Have Manners. We're Polite."
Season 3 Appearances
"" "Bed Bugs and Beyond" "Empathy is a Boner Killer" "Finger in the Dyke" "Fake It Till You Make It Some More"
"Ching Chong Chang" "Tongue-Tied" "Fear, and Other Smells" "Where My Dreidel At" "A Tittin' and a Hairin'"
"We Can Be Heroes" "Don't Make Me Come Back There" "Trust No Bitch"


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