Sister Constance was a nun in the same convent as Sister Jane Ingalls, Sister Sheila and Sister Mary Eunice. She appears solely in Sister Ingalls' flashbacks in "Take a Break From Your Values". She is portrayed by Suzanne Hevner.

Personality Edit

Sister Constance is shown to be quite judgemental to certain other sisters and very strict.

Physical Appearance Edit

Sister Constance wears an outfit which covers most of her body save her face. She has grey eyebrows and a hooked nose.

Biography Edit

Before Sister Ingalls' incarceration Edit

Sister Constance appears showing a young Jane Ingalls around the convent. Constance reminds Sister Ingalls to keep her clothing clean and pressed. Sister Constance asks Jane if she has any questions left, to which Jane replies she wants to know when she can speak to Jesus, and Jesus can speak back. Jane says that all of the other sisters talk about Jesus and their conversations, but Constance tells Jane that they brag. Constance tells Jane that she should focus on what she can do for Christ.

Later, when Jane, Mary Eunice and Sheila return to the convent after visiting a rally in Washington. Sister Francine meets them and tells them that they are in trouble with Sister Constance. ("Take a Break From Your Values")

Memorable Quotes Edit

"She's just very annoying."
— Sister Constance to Jane Ingalls about a certain nun.

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