Samuel or "Sam" is a meth addict who appeared in "Where My Dreidel At". He was portrayed by Noah Robbins.

Personality Edit

Sam is shown to be desperate for drugs and rude when they are not given to him

Physical Appearance Edit

Sam has curly brown hair and requires glasses. He is of average height.

Biography Edit

Before Leanne's incarceration Edit

Sam was only seen in one flashback scene. In 2004, Sam asked Leanne Taylor for drugs she was selling. They cost $20, but he only had $15. Leanne refused to sell to him at a reduced price. He told her boyfriend Zeke to sort her out and called him "White Trash Federline", which angered Zeke and caused him to chase after Sam.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"Hey, White Trash Federline, tell your girl to be more polite."
— Sam to Zeke

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