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Sam Healy

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Sam Healy is a corrections officer and inmate counselor at Litchfield Penitentiary. He is portrayed by Michael Harney.


Seeming at first to be a good guy and on Piper's side, Healy gives Chapman advice on how stay out of trouble in Litchfield. He expects that Chapman will serve as his his informant and puppet, but she resists all such attempts. He progresses into an antagonist for Chapman, sending her to SHU on Thanksgiving for provocative dancing, and ultimately turning a blind eye as Tiffany Doggett tries to kill her. Mr. Healy has a Ukrainian mail-order bride and he makes it obvious he doesn't like lesbians.


He is fond of Piper, acknowledging that they are "different" than others in the prison. However Piper's allegiance is with the inmates, causing a serious rift in their relationship.

He has a Ukrainian bride who is using him for her Green card, which she has 2 years left in the states to obtain. Her mother also lives with him. They speak Ukrainian at home, a language Healy does not speak, thus excluding him from their conversations. 

Memorable quotes

"This isn't about giving them power. This is about your mother telling you, you can take a bath before dinner or after; you are still gonna get wet. But you thought you had a choice."
— Sam Healy, "The Chickening"
"We better go to Google right away."
— Sam Healy, "Lesbian Request Denied"
"You ladies need to start acting like ladies."
— Sam Healy