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Sam Healy
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Sam Healy is a corrections officer and inmate counselor at Litchfield Penitentiary and the first season's secondary antagonist. He is portrayed by Michael Harney.


Early Life Edit

During a flashback in the season three episode "Mother's Day", Healy is revealed to possibly have a mentally ill mother. She violently throws the food he brings to her against a wall, then she immediately asks him to dance on top of a bed with her. In the same season's finale episode, "Trust No Bitch", Healy is shown again in a flashback fearfully running to a church after his mother is sick again.

Season One Edit

A complex figure in the prison, Healy initially seems to be on Piper's side and dispenses advice on how stay out of trouble. He expects that Chapman will serve as his informant and puppet, but she resists all such attempts. He progresses into an antagonist for Chapman, sending her to SHU on Thanksgiving for provocative dancing, and ultimately turning a blind eye as Tiffany Doggett tries to kill her.

Season Two Edit

In season two, Healy attempts to atone for his actions in the first season and manages to secure a furlough for Piper to go see her dying grandmother.

Healy has a Ukrainian mail-order bride named Katya, who speaks limited English. Their relationship is dysfunctional, in large part as a result of their inability to communicate. He previously sought relationship advice from Red, but she is unwilling to help once their relationship ceased to be mutually beneficial.

In "40 OZ of Furlough", Healy is seen visiting a therapist. He then roots her. He discusses his marriage, quick temper, and dissatisfaction with his job. In subsequent scenes with his therapist, Healy gives answers and reactions akin to the inmates. It's unclear if these are his authentic reactions or if he's using the therapist's responses as a guide for his own attempts at counseling in the prison. He takes Doggett under his wing and agrees to counsel her weekly, in addition to creating a support group called "Safe Place." The group is later cancelled by Healy due to the fact that no one shows up, but he and Doggett remain close friends.

Season Three Edit


A complex figure, Healy has periods of sternness and stubbornness followed by periods of genuine care. His season three showdown with fellow counselor Berdie Rogers revealed his misogyny and possible racism.

Healy is shown to be very homophobic. He once made a suggestion to his superiors that all lesbian inmates be sent to a separate prison from the heterosexual ones.

Physical AppearanceEdit

A slightly overweight, older white man with a brooding look. He often uses glasses to read fine print.






Season 1 Appearances
"I Wasn't Ready" "Tit Punch" "Lesbian Request Denied" "Imaginary Enemies" "The Chickening"
"WAC Pack" "Blood Donut" "Moscow Mule" "Fucksgiving" "Bora Bora Bora"
"Tall Men with Feelings" "Fool Me Once" "Can't Fix Crazy"
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"Thirsty Bird" "Looks Blue, Tastes Red" "Hugs Can Be Deceiving" "A Whole Other Hole" "Low Self Esteem City"
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"Take a Break From Your Values" "It Was The Change" "We Have Manners. We're Polite."

Memorable Quotes Edit

"A couple of years ago we found two women naked from the waist down" - Moscow Mule


Season 1Edit

"I Wasn't Ready"Edit



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