Sahar Abdullah is Hassan's second wife. She appears in Abdullah's flashback in "Litchfield's Got Talent". She is portrayed by Malika Samuel.

Personality Edit

Sahar is shown to be caring for Farah despite her not being her biological daughter. Sahar is shown to be friendly and kind.

Physical Appearance Edit

Sahar wears a hijab for modesty, she has dark skin and a slight overbite.

Biography Edit

Before Abdullah's incarcertion Edit

After sharing a discussion with Abdullah, Hassan decides to wed another woman into the family by the name of Sahar.

At Farah's tenth birthday party, Sahar is seen setting out a cake with a princess on top. Alison asks Sahar to remove the princess as she dislikes that sort of image for young girls. Sahar does so happily. After Alison and Sahar joke about Hassan's friend's eyebrows, Farah declares she cannot bowl, Sahar steps forward and shows Alison how it is done.

After Sahar takes Farah to get her ears pierced, Alison is upset by this and tells Sahar to leave the room while Alison explains her discomfort with Sahar having this much maternal power over Farah. Hassan explains how everyone is happy in the family, and how Alison should lighten up.

After Alison breaks her beliefs and gets her ears pierced, she arrives at a diner where Sahar, Hassan and Farah are having their photo taken as a family. Alison is upset by this and leaves. ("Litchfield's Got Talent")

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