Rhonda was an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary and the former leader of the Black Girls during Vee's first incarceration. She appears solely in flashbacks in "40 Oz. of Furlough". She is portrayed by Sidné Anderson.

Personality Edit

Rhonda is shown to have leadership skills. She is very rude and harsh.

Physical Appearance Edit

Rhonda has very short black hair. She is very tall and very broad.

Biography Edit

Before Vee's incarceration Edit

When Vee and Red first arrived at Litchfield, Vee was visited in her temporary bunk by Rhonda and her crew, who gave Vee a basket of toiletries and said they'd see her at breakfast. When Vee coldly said that she didn't eat breakfast as it upset her stomach, Rhonda got in her face and replied that she eats it now.

Later, Vee and Red were in the kitchen talking after Vee suggested that Red use her connection with Neptune's Produce to bring in contraband. Vee said that Rhonda had been sent to Maximum Security, but claimed not know why.

Later, when Vee showed her true colors and came to take the kitchen business for herself, an enlightened Red asked what she had done to Rhonda, and Vee simply smiled.

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