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Rhea Boyle is a Jewish inmate at Litchfield who helps Cindy Hayes convert to Judaism in Season Three. She is portrayed by Yelena Shmulenson.

Biography Edit

Season Three Edit

Cindy Hayes requests to become Jewish, so she asks Boyle and Ginsberg to help her out.

Season Four Edit

In "We'll Always Have Baltimore", Boyle appears waiting in the queue at the pharmacy. Angie and Leanne talk about tampons. Angie says how she used absorbing dinosaur toys when she was younger and had no tampons, and mimicked herself taking it out, saying "Look! A Brontosaurus Rex!". Boyle interjects saying that it is just Brontosaurus, although [scientists] are now saying it's Apatosaurus, and explains herself saying her five year old kid is "crazy for that shit".

In "Friends in Low Places", Boyle is one of the first to get her nails done at Aleida's new manicure business in the vacant salon.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Ginsberg - A fellow Jewish inmate, Ginsberg and Boyle are requested by Cindy to become Jewish.
  • Cindy Hayes - A recently fellow Jewish inmate, Cindy asks for Ginsberg and Rhea Boyle to help her become Jewish.

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