Reema Pell is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary. She is portrayed by Mugga.

Personality Edit

Pell is shown to be sarcastic towards Cindy Hayes, but also quite creative as she is seen fashioning some sort of femicare product. She is shown to be transphobic toward Sophia Burset and violent after almost attacking Sophia with scissors.

Physical Appearance Edit

Pell has black hair with light brown dyed parts around the side. According to Cindy she does not shave her pubic hair.

Biography Edit

Before Litchfield Edit

It is known that she has a husband or boyfriend in Lexington.

Season Three Edit

Pell is seen playing "Uno" with another inmate. The two have an argument over who's cheating and newbie CO Baxter Bayley takes this as something negative and pepper sprays them, himself, and Wade Donaldson.

Pell is seen with Blanca Flores gossiping about Sophia. ("We Can Be Heroes")

Pell and two other inmates corner Sophia in her salon and ask her to see her genitals, but she tells them to get out. The three then start to attack and jump her. Pell is attacked by Sophia and tells the other two that Sophia "still has her man strength." ("Don't Make Me Come Back There")

Season Four Edit

Pell is seen waiting in line for tampons, when it is her turn to purchase, she continues on the protest that Alison Abdullah started, and says that tampons cost $10, when they make ten cents an hour, and would be near on impossible to buy enough tampons to be healthy.

Pell is seen later in the bathrooms with Abdullah and Michelle Carreras trying out new methods, Cindy walks in with her tampon, catching the attention of the three girls, they ask her how much Cindy is charging, Cindy says that she is charging $5. The girls are outraged.

Season Five Edit

Pell helped capture the guards during the inital part of the riot. ("Riot FOMO")

At the end of the revolt, Pell, Dwight and Babson hid in Lolly's cardboard machine in the laundry room, however, because of Alana's snoring, the three were discovered by the squad and evacuated from prison. ("Storm-y Weather")

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

Enemies Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

"Well, lah-dee-da, little miss 1% herself!"
— Reema Pell to Cindy Hayes

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