Redanca is the pairing between Galina Reznikov and Blanca Flores. The two began a friendship when they allied to unite tests to defeat the Piscatella while the riot followed in the prison.

Relationship Edit

Season Two Edit

Without her work in the kitchen and the departure of Gina and Norma, Red sits away in the dining room at a table where Blanca is completely groggy because of the remedies she has taken in Psych.

Season Three Edit

When Red returns to the kitchen, Blanca interrupts her frightened work and warns Gloria, worried. She remains working in the kitchen under the leadership of Red.

Season Four Edit

When Piscatella is preventing Red from sleeping, he pulls her out of his office and humiliates him in front of the other inmates in the cafeteria. Blanca watches everything and is disgusted when Piscatella throws Red on the ground purposely, and then, she removes her cap from the kitchen and climbs on one of the tables, starting a protest.

Season Five Edit

During the first night of the riot in prison, Red returns to Piscatella's office after Dayanara points a gun at him earlier and finds Blanca flipping several folders full of documents and reports. Red initially asks what Blanca is doing and she states that "Knowledge is power". Drinking a vitamin supplement, the two spend the entire dawn awake looking for documents that incriminate Piscatella, then finally find out, that he was responsible for the death of a inmate before coming to Litchfield.


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