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Red's Family is a group within Litchfield Penitentiary headed by Galina "Red" Reznikov.

Active MembersEdit

  • Galina "Red" Reznikov - Leader
  • Nicky Nichols - One of Red's daughters. Temporarily absent after your trip to MAX.
  • Lorna Morello - A current member of the group. Red supported her in prison social movements because of her great influence.
  • Norma Romano - Red's oldest ally while working in the kitchen. She stopped talking to Red temporarily after the incident with Gina in the canteen. The two spoke again, but Norma left because of their worship, but the friendship remained the same soon after.
  • Gina Murphy - One of Red's allies while leading the kitchen in Season One. Avoided Red temporarily along with Norma after the incident in the kitchen.
  • Frieda Berlin - Frieda and Red became best friends along with the Golden Girls, after their family avoided during the Season Two.
  • Alex Vause - Red and Alex had great empathy. She helped Alex hide the body from the greenhouse, claiming he would never say anything.
  • Piper Chapman - Initially, they had an extremely bad relationship due to Piper's behavior, but after they became cellmates, the two began to care for each other, but refused again when Piper lied about Red's business outside the prison. When Piper had a swastika on her arm marked by Maria, Red felt sorry for her and helped her close her swastika with Norma and Alex.
  • Anita DeMarco - Red and Anita arrived in jail at the same time and have since become friends.
  • Yoga Jones - A current member of the group.
  • Irma Lerman -Current member of the group and the Golden Girls. Not seen since Season Three.

Unofficial Members Edit

Inmates who are not officially part of the 'family', but are frequently seen with them:

  • Blanca Flores - Blanca and Red began to have a friendship in the Season Five, when they had the same purpose to destroy Piscatella. The two stayed the whole season together and also used drugs to stay awake the whole time. Both women were abducted by Piscatella and psychologically tortured by him, but were rescued by the family.
  • Gloria Mendoza - Initially, she did not like each other because of the competition of both in the kitchen. After Red returned as head of the kitchen, she and Gloria and Red began to be more sensible to each other.
  • Big Boo - Boo betrayed Red for the benefit of Vee and was expelled from the family, however, she began to reluctantly gain confidence again

Former Members Edit

  • Tricia Miller - One of Red's daughters. It was avoided by Red after using drugs and having withdrawal. She died later after a drug overdose
  • Mercy Valduto - She was released from prison after serving her sentence
  • Big Boo - Betrayed Red
  • Jimmy Cavanaugh - Member of the Golden Girls. She was released from prison by compassionate release.
  • Taslitz - Member of the Golden Girls. She went to Max after stabbing another inmate, after confusing him with Vee.
  • Jane Ingalls - Member of the group. She went to the SHU and was later released because she suffered from pneumonia due to her old age.


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