Randolita is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary. She is portrayed by Tiffany Bank.

Personality Edit

Tiffany is not much explored in the episodes in which she appears, but she probably believes in rumors when it is said that Beyonce will be in Litchfield after the negotiations end.

Physical Appearence Edit

She is tall and appears to be overweight. It has curly hair and a light brown color.

Biography Edit

Season Five Edit

She is seen as one of the detainees who do not participate in the riot, staying with Alex and several other inmates in the courtyard, setting up a camp. ("Litchfield's Got Talent")

On the third day of the riot, she and all the other inmates left the courtyard after it began to rain. She tells Maria that the negotiations are going well and that Beyoncé will be in Litchfield, despite being a lie. ("Breaking the Fiberboard Celling")

When SWAT invades the prison at the end of the season, Randolita tries to escape through the kitchen but is eventually shocked and captured. ("Storm-y Weather")

Relationships Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Maria Ruiz (discussion) - She gets annoyed when Maria says that Beyoncé will not come to Litchfield.

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