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Pepa is the daughter of Yadriel and Maria Ruiz.

Biography Edit

Season OneEdit

Pepa is born after a heavily pregnant Maria Ruiz' waters finally break. She is taken off of her, however, after recieving very little time with her and is not seen again.

Season TwoEdit

Pepa is seen with Maria during visiting hours. Her father, Yadriel, is not talkative with Maria whatsoever. Maria begs Yadriel to talk more to Maria so she does not have a bad upbringing.

Season ThreeEdit

Pepa is seen once more for mothers day where Maria and Maritza are comparing their children. Maria claims her baby is cuter. Yadriel picks Pepa up, and tells Maria he will not be returning to Litchfield until her release. Pepa is not seen again after this.

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