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Pat Warren is the adoptive mother of Suzanne Warren, also known as "Crazy Eyes". She is portrayed by Erin Davie in flashbacks and Mary Boyer in the present.

Personality Edit

Pat was overprotective of Suzanne when she was growing up, often pushing her to do things she didn't really want to do.

Physical Appearance Edit

In flashbacks Pat is shown with long blonde hair and blue eyes; however, in the present, her hair has gone grey and been cut short.

Biography Edit

Before Suzanne's incarcerationEdit

Pat is married to Dennis Warren, and together they have two children, Suzanne (adoptive) and Grace (biological). It was implied that they adopted Suzanne after being unable to have a biological child.

Eventually, the two do conceive a biological daughter, Grace, who they tell Suzanne is their miracle baby. Suzanne fell in love with her younger sister immediately, though Pat and Dennis seemed weary of letting her hold her too long.

Pat attempted to make sure Suzanne never felt left out, sending her with her younger sister to social events because she had few friends her own age. ("Hugs Can Be Deceiving")

Season OneEdit

Pat and Dennis spend Thanksgiving with their adoptive daughter instead of Grace for some reason (she may be spending it with Brad). Pat and Dennis fuss over Suzanne's hair, but Suzanne explains she likes her hair the way it is. ("Fucksgiving")

Season FiveEdit

It is revealed that Pat and her husband come in for visiting hours often enough that Suzanne considers it part of her regular schedule, which is obvious during the riot when Suzanne is feeling the effects of this schedule being disrupted. She sits in the visiting room believing that she is talking to her mother. Pat can be seen outside the prison with other inmates' families and loved ones. She has a brief conversation with Piper's mother, Carol Chapman, about having daughters in prison. ("Storm-y Weather")

Memorable Quotes Edit

"There are as many types of interesting as there are people."
— What Pat used to tell Suzanne Warren
"I don't really drink, but I could use about a gallon of vodka right now."
— Pat Warren to Carol Chapman ("Storm-y Weather")


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