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Carmen "Ouija" Aziza is a new inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary introduced in Season Four having been transferred to Litchfield due to MCC's expansion plans. She is one of the tertiary antagonists of Season 4, and one of the secondary antagonists in Season 5. She is portrayed by Rosal Colón.

Personality Edit

Ouija comes across as ruthless and willing to do anything to get the best outcome for herself and - whilst she is incarcerated - her prison family. Immediately upon arriving at Litchfield, she is eager to find out the inmate hierarchy and get in with the people at the top. She was one of the Dominican girls to participate in the branding of Piper & seemed not to be affected by the violence. She claims to have killed three people.

Physical Appearance Edit

Ouija is on the short side with a curvy figure and long, wavy dark brown hair. She has tan skin and brown eyes. Aziza is described by Piper to have "cheek-y cheeks."

Biography Edit

Before Litchfield Edit

Aziza reveals that she killed three people before her incarceration, only to be arrested for WIC fraud. At some point in her life she had at least one child, Miguel Aziza.

Season Four Edit

Shortly after her arrival at Litchfield, Ouija is seen to take interest in Flaca as the two have tear drops. Flaca tells Ouija that Piper is 'la jefa', meaning 'the boss' ("Work That Body for Me").

Ouija and the other new Dominican inmates join the existing Spanish Harlem group and become involved in Ruiz's panty and drug operations in the prison. Ouija manages to get a job at Whispers and starts smuggling out panties in the same fashion as Piper ("(Don't) Say Anything").

Piper tries to find the panty-stash that Ouija has taken in "Doctor Psycho" and follows her to the porta potties. After Ouija exits a cubicle, Piper goes inside to search it, and ends up putting her hands inside the toilet bowl, only to find just a hidden bag of joints and covering her hands in excrement in the process. Disgusted, Piper exits the cubicle retching with her hands and pants covered in poop, and a gloating Ouija is waiting for her. Ouija gives her the finger whilst smirking.

Later in the episode, Piper has Hapakuka rush Ouija behind a shed and grab the panties from her. CO Dixon discovers them and assumes they are having sex. He tells them to break it up and get out of there.


When Piper sabotages Maria, Ouija helps to brand a swastika onto Piper's arm. When Ouija sees the Black girls running in the last episode, she informs the Latina's and Hispanics and they all run into the center of the building.

Season Five Edit


After rounding all the guards that were still in the prison, Ouija teams with Pidge to keep watch over the hostages in Spanish Harlem.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Friends Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Piscatella
  • Maria Ruiz
  • Gloria Mendoza - After it's revealed that Gloria planned to release the guards to see her son, Ouija and Pidge lock her in the bubble with Luschek.

Trivia Edit

  • Carmen is lactose-intolerant as mentioned in "Full Bush, Half Snickers"
  • She is one of the several characters who appeared in all episodes of season they weren't credited as a regular.

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