Odette is a young girl who was an employee at Claudette Pelage's former cleaning company, Clean Makers. She is portrayed by Reilly Stith. She appears solely in one of Miss Claudette's flashbacks in "Imaginary Enemies".

Biography Edit

Odette joined Miss Claudette's company shortly before the latter's incarceration. Upon Odette's arrival, Miss Claudette was seen to treat her in the similar brusque manner that she herself had been treated by the company's former owner, Tessa, upon her own arrival as a young girl - albeit with a somewhat gentler hand.

Some time later, Miss Claudette is seen reprimanding Odette in front of some of the other young employees for refusing to have a bath. When Odette still refuses, Miss Claudette senses that something is amiss. She takes Odette to the bathroom and asks her what has happened, saying not unkindly that Odette can tell her. In response, Odette begins to cry silently and unbuttons her top to reveal severe bruising. Miss Claudette is horrified and asks who did it.

Later, Miss Claudette arrives at the culprit's house - an older, portly white man named Mr. Jones. She says that Odette cannot make it today and that she is here instead, entering with her cleaning supplies. Mr. Jones is clearly uncomfortable and suspicious that she knows what he did, but lets her in anyway. He is later seen murdered on the kitchen floor, whilst Miss Claudette meticulously cleans the knife she used to stab him to death. She exits, leaving the man on the floor. ("Imaginary Enemies")

It is unknown what happened to Odette after this incident.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Claudette Pelage (employer) - Claudette employed Odette in the same way she was employed as a girl.

Enemies Edit

  • Mr. Jones (abuser) - Mr. Jones abused Odette, leaving large bruises on her torso.

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