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"It’s getting clearer every second that you’re totally bat-shit crazy, but you’re a beautiful, sweet girl. Fuck this guy. So many people are gonna love you."
— Nicky to Lorna about Christopher in "Little Mustachioed Shit".

Nichorello is the friendship and relationship between Nicky Nichols and Lorna "Morello" Muccio.


In the beginning of Season One, Lorna and Nicky had an established sexual relationship together. Lorna suddenly ended the affair, feeling guilty about betraying Christopher, her supposed fiancé, which upset Nicky. The two remained close friends.

In early Season Two, it is revealed that Christopher is not actually Lorna's fiance. Lorna breaks into Christopher's house while no one is home and escapes undetected. In Little Mustachioed Shit, it is announced that Lorna has a visitor to both her and Nicky's surprise. A hostile Christopher comes to visit Lorna and tells her he knows that she broke into his house. He threatens to kill her if she ever comes near him or his family again. Nicky watches the altercation through the window and Christopher asks a humiliated Lorna if she's been lying to everyone about their relationship. Lorna runs out of the room after Christopher announces that she's been stalking him and a sympathetic Nicky follows.

Lorna tells Nicky that while she was supposed to be at the hospital, she snuck out and went to Christopher's house. Nicky tells her not to do that ever again and that it's a miracle she didn't get caught. Lorna asks Nicky if she hates her and Nicky says she doesn't. She tells Lorna that she's a beautiful, sweet girl who many people will love. Lorna cries and says no one will love her. Nicky tells her she does and they hug.

In Season 3, Nicky and Luschek decide to sell the heroin Vee smuggled in Season 2 so everyone stays out of trouble and Nicky remains clean. Their plan is soon ruined when the stash is stolen. In reality, Nicky has hidden it in the laundry room for her own use. The meth heads discover the stash and begin using it. Luschek tells Angie to either tell him where the heroin is, or rot in Max. Shortly after, he finds the stash in their bras. The meth heads tell a correctional officer to search in the Electrical Shop for drugs.

Meanwhile in the Electrical Shop, Luschek tells Nicky he sold all of the heroin. Caputo and two officers come in for a drug sweep. Caputo tells one officer to search Luschek's desk and a bag of heroin is found. Luschek calls Nicky "a fucking junkie" and frames her. Caputo orders the officers to send Nicky "down the hill". As Nicky is being escorted out, Red and Morello rush over and ask her what happened. Nicky says she loves them both and is lead out of the building. Lorna admits she loves Nicky too. A dejected Lorna watches Nicky enter the van from the window.

After Nicky is sent to Max, Lorna is seen crying often and no longer wearing any makeup. Gina and Norma struggle to comfort her. She later begins to start several correspondences with pen-pals to scam for money. The plan fails when she confuses one pen-pals interests with another. He confronts her about this and she tells him that she became lonely after they sent "the only person who cared about her" to Max. He forgives her. They grow closer and Lorna soon proposes to him during visitation. He accepts and they are married in the visiting room.

In Season 4 Nicky gets out of max and immediately wants to get back with Morello - she doesn't believe that her marriage is the real deal. Lorna is upset with this and constantly rejects Nicky when she tries to make a move but they remain friends throughout Season 4.


Memorable QuotesEdit

"It's about comfort, right? Hey, Morello, remember when we used to comfort each other?" — "Sure. You were very comfortable."
— Nicky and Morello mocking Alex and Piper ("Bora Bora Bora")
"There's the girl who has been planning her wedding for months, just like everything is normal. Oh, but she is also sleeping with the hot, lesbian junkie. How's that for a prison cliche?"
Larry about Nicky and Morello ("Tall Men with Feelings")
"Ahh! I think I did the left side too much. The arch is too high?" — "Yeah, it looks like you're really skeptical about everything, but I think the leery look is hot."
— Lorna and Nicky ("Little Mustachioed Shit")
"No, it's not fair to Christopher. And I need to start tightening up. You're making me feel like a cave."
— Morello breaking up with Nicky ("The Chickening")
"Just at least get me off first, all right?" — "That's not very classy." — "We're having sex in a fucking chapel. Come on, you wanna give me blue balls? "
— Nicky and Morello ("The Chickening")
"Straight girls... they'll fuck you up every time."
— Nicky to Alex about Morello and Piper ("Fucksgiving")
"Look... the only person that cared about me, they took her away to Max. And I'm so lonely. And I thought, if I wrote to enough people, then maybe I would find somebody and, oh... I watched so much Discovery Channel."
— Lorna to Vince about Nicky ("Ching Chong Chang")
"No, nobody's gonna love me." — "I do"
— NIcky conforting Morello ("Little Mustachioed Shit")

Gallery Edit

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