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 Neri Chapman (Neé Feldman) is a hyperbaric welder who is married to Cal Chapman. Her sister-in-law is Piper Chapman.  

Personality Edit

Neri has a very aggressive attitude. She expects Cal to do as she tells him to do. She is very eccentric, and generally seems cheery. Neri and Cal enjoy living off the grid periodically.

Physical Appearance Edit

Neri has untamed brown hair and brown eyes. She is very expressive, and occasionally aggressive in her facial expressions. Her dress sense is equally eccentric as her personality.


Season One Edit


Season Two Edit

Neri and Cal marry during Cal's grandmother's (Celeste's) funeral ("40 OZ of Furlough").

Season Three Edit

The couple eventually moves out of their trailer and into Cal's parents' home due to financial struggles.They are the manufacturing crew for Piper's panty business on the outside.

It is revealed that most of the stories Neri told to Cal were lies, and that she was not as experienced as she said she was ("Don't Make Me Come Back There").

Season Five Edit

While texting with Cal from a stolen cell phone, Piper says that Neri is starting to show, implying that she is pregnant.

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