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Natoli is a soldier of the shock troops that invaded the Litchfield Penitentiary at the end of Season 5. He is responsible for the death of Piscatella. He is portrayed by Josh Green.

Personality Edit

Natoli is shown to be very inexperienced and acts first before thinking about his actions.

Biography Edit

Season FiveEdit

He is seen during attempting to shut down the riot, accompanied by his fellow SWAT team. Alana Dwight stands up to him and he does not take it well and aims his gun at her. After being told off by Herrmann for this, he decides to hit her instead.

Later on, he accidentally shoots Piscatella. Panicked, he states that he was aiming at the roof but that Piscatella was too tall. He is once again reprimanded by Herrmann ("Storm-y Weather").

Relationships Edit

Enemies Edit

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