Nathan was Tiffany Doggett's boyfriend. He is portrayed by Ronen Rubinstein. His only appearance to date is in flashbacks during "A Tittin' and a Hairin'".

Biography Edit

Doggett and Nathan first met at a party where Doggett was hanging out with some friends. Abe approaches Doggett and offered her some soda in exchange for sex, which appeared to be normal for Doggett. Nathan watches as they go off together. In the middle of having sex with Abe, Doggett is stung/bit by either a bee or a spider and cries out in pain. She leaves despite Abe's protests. Nathan notices her in pain and comes over to try to help. After inspecting the bite, he goes to his truck and returns with a first aid kit. Doggett calls him a faggot and he laughs and tells her that he guesses it must be faggoty to be prepared in any situation. They both laugh and he treats her sting/bite. She notes he's new around town and he tells her that his family travel a lot, staying in one place until his alcoholic father gets fired from the job they moved for. Doggett replies that he won't have a problem around there, because everybody is drunk. After he has treated her ankle, Nathan asks her to a movie as his date. She appears confused at the proposition, having seemingly never been wanted except for sex.

Later flashbacks show both Doggett and Nathan lying in bed together watching porn. Doggett is laughing at and calling the porn gross while Nathan lies next to her and laughs kindly at her reaction. Eventually, things start to heat up between the two and Nathan removes both Doggett’s shirt and pants leaving her in only her underwear. When  Doggett tries to remove those he tells her not to; he just stares at her and calls her beautiful. Doggett shies away and blushes and Nathan kisses her pulling her onto the bed. He pleasures her as well as letting her pleasure him and we notice that Doggett has never been pleasured herself as her reaction shows.

There is another time hop and it shows the couple on the stairs outside of a giant house party. They’re kissing and he pulls away. Doggett insists that he stays “ten more minutes”. It is eventually shown that he is moving away to Wyoming with his family. Right when Nathan is about to leave, Doggett confesses that she loves him and he tells her that he loves her too. He vows that he will come back for her and then leaves, leaving Doggett by herself at the party. Right after he leaves, Doggett is raped by Abe as revenge for leaving him unsatisfied, as Abe knows that Nathan is gone for good.

It is unknown whether Doggett and Nathan ever saw each other again.

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