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Natalie Figueroa (commonly known as Fig) is the former Executive Assistant to the Warden at Litchfield Penitentiary. She serves as a minor antagonist in Season One and a secondary antagonist of Season Two.

Personality Edit

Figueroa comes off as incredibly confident, professional, and arrogant. She is often very mean, cold, and manipulative towards the inmates and staff, and cares more about the reputation of the prison than the welfare of the prisoners.

It is later shown that a lot of the manipulativeness and toughness comes from her husband, Jason, who was a big part of the embezzlement scam. She has doubts about it and fears what will happen if they get caught, and her husband quickly reassures her that they won't. After the incident when she catches her husband making out with another man, she appears physically and emotionally weaker. She also, as found out by Piper and Caputo, has bulimia, an eating disorder. This is discovered when Piper finds piles of candy wrappers she had binged on in her desk drawers.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fig is quite slender and she has long light brown curly hair. She is usually seen wearing formal attire and jewelry. Tall, 6' 1" (1.85 m), she has a pleasant smile and a stern frown. Her slender figure and long face appear glamorous, but can be played as somewhat intimidating.


Season One Edit


Season Two Edit

In Season Two, it is revealed that at the expense of the prison, she embezzled money from the Department of Corrections by cutting funding for programs and other "luxuries". At the expense of the inmates, she covered up events that were potentially damaging to the reputation or funding of the prison. Piper Chapman, sick and tired of the clearly corrupted prison, tried along with a reporter to uncover the scam. In revenge, Fig attempted to have Piper transferred to another facility, motivating Piper to steal files from Fig's office containing incriminating evidence related to her embezzlement scam.

In "We Have Manners. We're Polite." Fig is busted by Joe Caputo who has the evidence obtained by Piper. Fig subsequently resigns as Executive Assistant to the Warden.

Season Three Edit


Fig is later seen to be having an affair with Caputo, most likely to escape her marital problems with her husband, Jason Figueroa, who is a closeted gay man.

Season Four Edit

In "The Animals", Caputo visits Natalie's large house, where she is alone, drinking wine. Caputo asks if Natalie is drunk, and she invites him in. He declines at first, telling her that he has a girlfriend - a "weird, lying, gun-toting, manipulative, corporate girlfriend", which Fig already knew, being friends with someone named Margie at MCC. He eventually agrees to go in to "just talk". In "Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again", it is hinted that they had sex when Linda spots that Caputo has bite marks on his ear.

Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit

  • Jason Figueroa (husband): Jason is Fig's husband. She discovers that he is gay and in love with an assistant named Gavin. However, they have remained married as he was elected to the New York State Senate.
  • Joe Caputo (affair): She performs oral sex on him in Season Two. In Season Three, they are shown to be having an affair. Joe gets a girlfriend in Season Four, but in the "The Animals" visits Fig's house. It is implied that they had sex after Linda spots bitemarks on his ear in "Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again".



"I'm only here as a formality."
— Natalie Figueroa to the new inmates during orientation
"Get some fucking therapy, man."
— Natalie Figueroa to Sam Healy

Galleries Edit

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