Mrs. Washington is the deceased mother of Poussey Washington. She passed away whilst Poussey was incarcerated (so between 2011 and 2013), and, due to a failed furlough application, Poussey was never able to say goodbye in person.

Personality Edit

Mrs Washington is a very educated woman and has a masters degree in art history. She is polite and well spoken.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mrs Washington was a very pretty woman, she had black hair and dark skin.

Biography Edit

Before Poussey's incarceration Edit

Mrs. Washington is seen once in a flashback, and it is shown that her and Poussey had a very loving, close relationship. This is confirmed by Poussey who said that she loved her mom, and who is seen grieving her during Mother's Day at the prison ("Mother's Day").

Trivia Edit

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