Mrs. Soso is the mother of Brook Soso. She has only appeared once, in Brook's flashback in "Trust No Bitch". She was portrayed by Sarah Mak.

Personality Edit

Mrs. Soso was shown to be very education centric with her daughter, forcing her to compete in science competition and play piano from a young age, she is an atheist, as is Brook. Mrs Soso is extremeley strict.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mrs Soso dresses very formally, being seen in a red blazer and white blouse. She carries herself very well, with good posture and poise. She has long black hair and well groomed eyebrows.

Biography Edit

Before Brook's incarceration Edit

Mrs Soso makes her only appearance in Brook's flashback in season three. When Brook is eight years old, she lives with her mother. She is seen playing "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg on piano. Her mother interrupts after Brook makes a mistake in the piece. Mrs Soso calls her daughter a cheat, and asks Brook where cheats go. Brookresponds with "Hell?". Mrs Soso is shocked and asks where she heard that. Brook reveals that at her friend's house she watched television and heard it on The 700 Club. Mrs Soso tells Brook never to do so again and leaves. ("Trust No Bitch")

Memorable Quotes Edit

"There is no Hell. There is no Heaven. When we die, all that remains are the memories of our achievements. And cheaters are very quickly forgotten."
— Mrs Soso telling her 8-year-old daughter not to cheat. ("Trust No Bitch")

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