Mrs. Hu is a matchmaker in America who tried to bring Mei Chang and Sun Zhang together. She is portrayed by Wai Ching Ho.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mrs. Hu is an elderly Chinese woman. She was seen dressed in a black skirt and a floral dress with a black gilet coat. She wore pink lipstick.

Biography Edit

Before Chang's incarceration Edit

Mrs. Hu only appears once during Mei Chang's flashbacks in "Ching Chong Chang". She appears first with Mei Chang and her brother, Lin Chang, awaiting the arrival of Sun Zhang, a Chinese man wishing to be married through the matchmaking service run by Mrs. Hu. When Mr. Sun arrives, he is not happy with Mei's appearance. Mr. Sun tries to accuse Mrs. Hu of setting him up, but Mrs. Hu says that she never lied, and never called Mei beautiful, only holding "pleasing attributes".

Sun Zhang storms out, and Lin Chang asks Mrs Hu what they do now. Mrs Hu says that she is only as good as the product, and that Sun Zhang was not exactly on her A-list of eligible bachelors. Lin takes his anger out on Mei, stating she owes him $800 for the flight to America that he paid for.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"If you don't have looks, you at least need charm."
— Mrs. Hu to Lin Chang

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