Mr. Taylor is the father of Leanne Taylor. He was portrayed by Timothy Carter.

Personality Edit

Mr. Taylor is a calm, well-mannered person. He cares for his daughter a lot, and does not care about her loudness.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mr. Taylor has a scraggly blonde beard and blonde hair (covered by a hat).

Biography Edit

Before Leanne's incarceration Edit

Mr. Taylor is seen during Leanne's baptism. When Leanne gives a brief speech on her time in the English world, Mr. Taylor tells Leanne to wrap it up. While walking outside, Mr. Taylor shows his love for his daughter, and explains how he would rather have her than 100 different, quiet, girls. Leanne is then stopped by police, Mr. Taylor's face drops. ("Where My Dreidel At")

Mr. Taylor is not seen with his wife during the riot.

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