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Monica Hayes is the daughter of Cindy Hayes. She is portrayed by Donshea Hopkins.

Overview Edit

Monica appeared in Cindy's flasback episode, "Comic Sans". Monica lives with Cindy's mother, Lillian, and believes that Lillian is her mother and Cindy is her sister. Cindy behaves very irresponsibly with Monica when Monica is in her care, such as taking her out for her birthday and leaving her sitting in the car for hours until Cindy eventually takes Monica inside whilst they all get high.

At the end of Comic Sans, Cindy threatens to take Monica away from Lillian until Lillian points out that there is no way Cindy is responsible enough to provide for Monica properly. At the end of the episode, Cindy is asked in passing by a stranger if she has children, and she replies, "no".

Trivia Edit

  • Monica assumed she was named Monica after Monica Geller from the sitcom Friends, but Cindy actually revealed she was named after Monica Wright from Love & Basketball.

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