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Michelle Carreras is a new inmate introduced in Season Four as part of MCC's expansion. She is portrayed by Arianda Fernandez.

Personality Edit

Michelle is shown to be like Maritza Ramos in the way that she is very ditzy, but if possible, worse.

Physical Appearance Edit

Michelle has long brown hair and has some sort of scabbing on the top of her head (which she thinks are spider bites).

Biography Edit

Before Litchfield Edit

Nothing is known about Michelle before she was incarcerated.

Season Four Edit

Michelle, Zirconia and Ouija walk over to Healy as he enters requesting help. Michelle asks for his opinion on some scabs that have appeared on the top of her head which she assumes are spider bites.

Michelle is seen waiting in line for sanitray products. Michelle, Reema Pell and Gina Murphy complain about the cost of tampons. Michelle brags about her way of saving tampons by only using one per day.

Michelle is seen in the bathroom with Alison Abdullah and Reema. As tampons are deemed inessential, they have a charge on them, so as they do not have jobs they are forced to improvise. Michelle uses a small plastic cup (most likely used for medicinal reasons) and asks Abdullah if it will fall out. Cindy Hayes walks in with a tampon and the three ask for one, trying to barter. They are declined by Cindy, who wants cash or nothing.

Season Five Edit

Michelle, along with Reema, leads the turmoil in the Ghetto and captures CO Davis, claiming that he thoroughly researched it.

She spends most of her time caring for and guarding the main door of Zirconia prison and another inmate, preventing any unauthorized entry and exit.

At one point on the second day of the riot, she searched for coffee in a currency exchange organized by Ouija and Ramona, but when she found out that the coffee was over (stolen by Leanne and Angie), she started a fight in the middle of the hall.

The following night, she continued to watch the door and watched along with Piper, Cindy, Janae, Alison, Brook, Zirconia, and Ramona negotiating between Taystee, Caputo and Figueroa, who discussed improvements and reforms within the prison.

With Figueroa and Caputo out of prison and Maria releasing the hostages hidden for their own benefit, the prison is invaded by SWAT and they begin to capture all the inmates and Michelle is one of the first to be caught because they are at the main entrance. She is placed on a huge mattress in the prison parking lot along with all the detainees caught and placed on a bus, leaving her unknown destination.

Relationships Edit

Friendships Edit

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