Michael Burset is the son of Sophia and Crystal Burset.

Biography Edit

Before Sophia's Incarceration Edit

Michael continually had difficulty accepting Sophia's transitioning, telling her he doesn't need two moms. As revenge, he informed the police of her credit card fraud ("Lesbian Request Denied").

Season One Edit

He never wrote to/visited Sophia, but once he signed a postcard to her and eventually starts visiting Sophia in prison a few years later, when he's already a teenager.

Season Two Edit

Season Three Edit

As his mother takes Gloria's son Benito with them to Litchfield, they become friends. On one of the visits, he starts cursing just for fun and disobeying his mother at home, which Sophia blames on Benito.

In "Where My Dreidel At", it's said that he spent the night in jail for beating a kid named Laronne with Benito, but it's later revealed that Benito ran away once the fight started, an attitude that Michael considered "faggy".

Season Four Edit

While he does not make an appearance, it is mentioned that he has tried to start a GoFundMe to help bring Sophia out of SHU.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Friends Edit

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