Meggan is the house leader to Linda's sorority, seen in a flashback in "Pissters!"

Physical Appearance Edit

Meggan has blonde volumized hair which may not be natural as well as large eyes which have been shown to have eye shadow on most of the time.

Personality Edit

Meggan is shown to be very obsessed with her reputation and appearance in the ways he begs her sisters to tease their hair for hours for volume. She is also shown to be selfish in the way that she doesn;t take on board any other suggestions.

Biography Edit

Season Five Edit

In the flashback, Meggan is scolding Linda for her fake ID card, expressing embarrassment for how it was constructed and demand an apology to the sisters. She, then, informs the sisters that they are to dress to impress for the upcoming sorority party, having exposed skin despite freezing conditions.

As Linda is having fun with the guys, Meggan drags her outside to urinate. Crouched over, she tries to relieve herself, telling Linda that she has a urinary tract infection. When one of the guys calls out for Linda to come back to the party, Meggan stands drunkenly while her sister walks away.

Eventually, Meggan goes numb and freezes over into the snow. The next morning, as all the sisters weep and mourn her passing, Linda lies in her statement about her whereabouts at the time of their leader's death. She takes the spot as sorority leader. ("Pissters!")

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