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Litchfield Penitentiary also houses a Maximum Security facility on its property. It is often referred to by inmates as "max". Maximum Security is down the hill from the camp, as seen in "Empathy Is a Boner Killer". This section of the prison is reserved for the inmates of minimum security who have acted violently, smuggled or used drugs, or other serious offenses; as well as, presumably, inmates who were sent straight there due to the nature of their crimes.

Life in Max is shown in "Piece of Shit". When Nicky goes out into the exercise pen, the inmates seem to be rude and confrontational. As a whole, the facility is also very loud.


Nicky describes that she had 5 roomates in Max, one of them being a woman who put her baby through the spin cycle.

The following inmates have been sent from minimum security to maximum security:

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