Marina is married to Ganya, the Russian Mafia associate of Red. She is portrayed by Nahanni Johnstone.

Overview Edit

She had several Russian friends who were each married to Mafia men. They all first appeared in Red's restaurant, where they can be seen conversing with one another ("Tit Punch"). Red's husband, Dmitri, encourages Red to go and talk with the women, who Red would like to be friends with. The women eye Red condescendingly. Later, Red is seen on an organised walk with the women and tries to make them laugh, by telling them a joke (which is referenced a few times in Orange is the New Black, and ends "...he's not an eggplant, he's retarded", but the full joke is never heard). The women do not find the joke funny, and decide the walk is to be "a short one today", leaving Red.

Red remains optimistic that she will be invited again, but some time later spies them walking without her. Upset, she confronts them. Marina insults Red, and an enraged Red punches her in the breast, causing her breast implant to rupture. To pay the $60,000 bill that Ganya claims a repair will cost, Dmitri is forced to undertake several unpleasant jobs for the mafia, including assumed corpse storage at their business.

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