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Marcia Black was the mother of Carrie "Big Boo" Black. She was portrayed by Susan Louise O'Connor. She features in Big Boo's flashback episode, "Finger in the Dyke".

Personality Edit

Marcia is shown to be very controlling and easily agitated toward her daughter.

Physical Appearance Edit

Marcia was a small and frail woman with long brown hair. She was very thin.

Biography Edit

Before Big Boo's incarceration Edit

Marcia first appears in the Black household when she is trying to get Big Boo to wear a dress for a photo day. A thirteen year old Big Boo refuses as it doesn't look good in her and she hates wearing girls clothes. Marcia asks why she has to be difficult and gives up on trying to get her to wear it.

When Big Boo is 42, she is seen with her girlfriend in bed and her girlfriend forces her to talk about Marcia, who is ill. Boo's girlfriend says that if Boo doesn't visit her mother, she will likely regret it. Later, Big Boo arrives at an Oncology ward, and sees her father in the corridor. Her father says that he thinks Marcia is too frail to see Boo in her current butch clothing. Boo is clearly devastated that her parents still don't understand her identity, and decides to leave.

It is later known that Marcia is dead, and Big Boo regrets not saying goodbye to her.

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