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Madeline Brewer
Episode count
May 1, 1992
22 years old
Years active

Madeline Brewer''' (Born May 1st, 1992) is a 22 year old singer and actress from Pitman, New Jersey. She portrayed inmate Tricia Miller in Orange Is the New Black.


Madeline is a graduate of American Musical and Drama Academy in New York, graduating in 2012. She stated on Twitter she currently has a boyfriend and unlike her character, Madeline seems to be "very straight". Apart from acting on camera, she has also acted off broadway in acts such as: Liberty. Madeline also used to do beauty pageants but appears to have stopped.


  • Stated that her favorite scene to film was the withdrawal scene from episode 8 because she was able to do more specific, extensive reasearch of a drug that has been a large source of struggle for some of her friends.
  • The cornrows that her character on Orange Is the New Black (2013) wore took 20 minutes to apply and were applied every time she came to set.
  • Has a septum piercing.

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