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Linda Ferguson is the Director of Purchasing for MCC. In Season Four, she and Caputo begin an uneven romantic relationship. She is portrayed by Beth Dover.

Personality Edit

Linda is shown to be competent in her job at saving MCC money and is eager to climb the corporate ladder. She is repeatedly shown to be cold and uncaring about the Litchfield prisoners' well-being, repeatedly putting the finances of Litchfield above all else. In season four, she stuns Caputo by forcing Crystal Burset off Caputo's property at gunpoint, after Crystal attempts to get information on her wife Sophia's status in the SHU. Linda also changes the classes for the prisoners that Caputo advocated for, from his suggestions of core skills classes like English and Math, to vocational 'classes', which are later revealed to net free labor for MCC, under the guise of providing education. It is eventually revealed that she has never actually set foot in a real prison, despite the nature of her job, because she didn't think it was necessary.

Physical Appearance Edit

Dark hair and eyes with a slim figure. Usually wearing business clothes and high heels. Always professional.

Biography Edit

Before Litchfield Edit

Not much is known about Linda's life prior to MCC taking over Litchfield.

Season Four Edit


Linda eventually visits Litchfield for the first time in "Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again", to support Caputo as he makes his speech to news stations about the inmate death that occurred. She expresses mild annoyance when she spots bite marks on his ear, indicating possible unfaithfulness on his part. She is last seen using the bathroom in the prison. She hears the rioting inmates outside but shrugs it off.

Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit

  • Joe Caputo (boyfriend) - Joe and Linda start dating, and end up having sex at the prison convention.
  • Big Boo

Friends Edit

Enemies Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

"I'm Linda, I'm here to eat pasta and spend the night..."
— Linda Ferguson

Gallery Edit

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