Lin Chang is the brother of Mei Chang. He is portrayed by Andrew Hsu.

Overview Edit

Lin flew Mei over from China to try to marry her off through a matchmaker, who attempted to pair her up with Sun Zhang. However, Mr. Sun was not impressed with Mei, and asked if the set up was a joke. He left, disgusted. Lin asked what they do now and said that he cannot take care of her. Mei suggested she helps him in the shop. He told her that she owes him $800 for the flight.

Later, Lin was shown in his store unimpressed with the number of customers, as he was not making any money. Delivery men, Deng Shi and Ling Fu, came in and it transpired that Lin was secretly running an illegal trade. They were waiting for a way to smuggle through bear bile, but it would take a few months as the whole illegal trade was under scrutiny. Lin suggested they use Mei to recover the shipment, as, as a woman and an unattractive woman at that, she would be invisible. The men were initially scornful, but Mei insisted she could do it. This began Mei's involvement is organised crime.

It is not known whether Mei still has any contact with her brother.

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