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Lillian Hayes is the mother of Cindy Hayes and grandmother/mother figure to Cindy's daughter Monica Hayes. She is portrayed by Natalie Carter.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lillian is an older African-American women with black hair which is put into curls close to her head. She wears violet lipstick and has well-groomed eyebrows and clothing.

Overview Edit

Season 2 Edit

Lillian is sitting on a sofa when Cindy arrives for Monica's birthday, who is under the impression that Cindy is her (much) older sister. Cindy hands Monica an iPad for her birthday, and Monica is overjoyed. Later, Cindy takes Monica out for ice cream, promising her dubious mother that they will be back soon. When they leave, Lillian looks at the iPad's photo album and finds several pictures of an unknown asian family, showing Cindy stole it.

When Cindy returns late at night after taking Monica to some friend's house and smoking marijuana instead of going for ic cream, Lillian and Cindy have an argument about Monica. Cindy tells Lillian that she can do what she wants with Monica as she is Cindy's daughter, not Lillian's. Lillian points out that Cindy lost her right to call Monica her daughter when she left her with Lillian and that Cindy is not responsible enough to raise Monica well. She counters that Monica loves Cindy because she shows up once in a blue moon and gives her expensive presents and says that, if Cindy reveals the truth to Monica, she needs to step up to raise her responsibly. We later see Cindy at her job, telling a customer that she doesn't have children.

Season 3 Edit

Lillian appears in Cindy's flashback in "Trust No Bitch" where she is seen at the prayer her husband is holding.

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